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Things I Love: June 2016

June 30, 2016

Things I Love: June 2016 | Growing Up Herbal | Here are some of my favorite things from June 2016!

Hey, mama!

How has your June been? Mine has flown by! (I feel like I’m constantly saying that these days, and it’s making me feel old!)

Summer is officially here, and the boys and I are finishing up last bits of school. (Yes, we’re behind, but thankfully, it’s no big deal since we homeschool!) I’ve spent this past month gathering up everything I need for this coming school year, we’ve gone on several out-of-town trips, and we’ve been working away on our home projects. June has been a busy month for us!

I’m back today with another sneak peek into my life by sharing 5 things I’ve loved this past month with you, and I’d love it if you’d share some of what you’ve been up to this month in the comment section too!

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House To Home: Landscaping The Mountain

June 28, 2016

House To Home: Landscaping The Mountain | Growing Up Herbal | Our summer project is landscaping our mountain. Come see what we've been up to!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post sharing the work we’ve been doing around our home.

If you’ve been reading Growing Up Herbal long, you’ll know we bought a piece of property a few years back with a pretty outdated house that needed a good bit of work. We loved the land and the seclusion, and we saw the possibilities this place had. Thankfully, it was the perfect price, and we went for it. We spent the first year getting the inside of the house the way we wanted it before we moved in, and we’ve spent the next three years fixing up the outside and inside a little bit at a time.

This house has definitely become home, but we still have a way to go as far as getting it exactly where we want it to be. In fact, just thinking of all the plans we have for this place is exhausting. I’m not sure how Dean does it. He has a never-ending to-do list around here. But, we just keep chipping away at our projects, knowing that as we move forward, we’re building the life we want to have together.

Our big project this summer has been landscaping the mountain we live on.

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Natural Health

10 Favorite Natural Health Resources From Top-Notch Natural Living Bloggers

June 24, 2016

10 Favorite Natural Health Resources From Top-Notch Natural Living Bloggers | Growing Up Herbal | Here are some of my favorite NEW natural health resources from some of the webs best!

Do you read a lot of blogs? I do.

What kinds of blogs do you read most? I’m guessing you prefer natural living blogs that teach you how to live naturally. Am I right?

And what are you looking for when you read the posts your favorite bloggers share? Probably well-written natural health information that you can connect with, learn from, implement in your own life, and preferably has some evidence backing it up. Does that sound about right?

Okay, great. I’m right there with you sister! 

Well, today, I want to tell you about some of my favorite natural health resources from some of the best natural living bloggers on the web. I know you’re going to like these resources as much as I do because you and I… we get each other. Right mama?

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Herbal Education

Take Charge Of Your Family’s Health With The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle

June 22, 2016

Take Charge Of Your Family's Health With The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle | Growing Up Herbal | Learn how to take charge of your family's health confidently, safely, and effectively!

Every natural-minded mama wants to feed her family healthy, real food meals, minimize toxins in the home, and manage common ailments using natural remedies. Unfortunately, many mamas lack confidence with the later. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You… yes you, mama. You can learn how to not only keep your family healthy using herbs and essential oils, but you can learn how to help their bodies through common ailments as well!

  • No, you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and years of your life going to herbal school.
  • Yes, you can learn from experienced, educated people who can teach you the right way to use herbs and essential oils with your family.
  • No, you don’t have to leave your job, your kids, or your home to do it.

Here’s how.

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Growing Up Herbal

Natural Mamas – I Need Your Help!

June 20, 2016

Natural Mamas - I Need Your Help! | Growing Up Herbal |

Over the last four years, Growing Up Herbal has grown into a successful blog because of YOU!

You read and share my posts. You buy my books. You follow my recommendations. You tell other people about me.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of that. I could not do what I do without you. 

Speaking of doing things together, creating the content that I put on the blog is a huge part of that. Sometimes blogging can feel like a one-way conversation where I’m simply sorting out my thoughts or creating resources to refer back to when the time is right, but it shouldn’t be that way. Growing Up Herbal isn’t just for me. It’s for you too! I want to help you make living life naturally more doable and more exciting. And, I know with your feedback I could be doing an even better job.

I’m in the midst of planning some things for Growing Up Herbal (a new website design, a new program, and blog content), and I’d love your feedback before I finalize things.

This survey takes an average of 4 minutes, and it would mean so much to me if you could take just a few minutes of your time to fill it out.

I will read every single answer and use them while planning my upcoming content and program. Thanks so much for your help! Again, I could not do this without YOU!

Thankful for you,

Handcrafted Skincare

My Favorite Homemade Mineral Sunscreen

June 17, 2016

My Favorite Homemade Mineral Sunscreen | Growing Up Herbal | Here's my favorite mineral sunscreen recipe. It's easy to make, has a long shelf-life, and works well!

Summer is here! Well, not officially, but it’s hot outside so you get what I’m saying. That means it’s that time of the year when I whip up a batch or two of homemade mineral sunscreen so I thought I’d share my favorite recipe with you today. 

I love this homemade mineral sunscreen for a variety of different reasons.

  1. I control what goes into it.
  2. It’s cheap.
  3. It blocks excess UV rays.
  4. It’s easy to make and smells great!

Sounds great, right? Awesome! Let’s make some, together! I know you’re kiddos need some natural homemade goodies too!

(Oh, and if you have limited time and DIYs aren’t a great fit, I have another all-natural option for homemade mineral sunscreen for you at the bottom of this post. Scroll there now!)

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