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DIY Woodland Christmas Garland Tutorial

November 26, 2015

DIY Woodland Christmas Garland Tutorial | Growing Up Herbal | A Woodland Christmas garland tutorial using natural supplies.

Today I have a fun, all natural DIY home decor project to share with you.

It’s for a DIY Woodland Christmas Garland for my front door which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Today I’m taking you along with me and my kiddos, into the woods, where we’ll find natural supplies to make this garland before heading home to put it all together and hang on the front door.

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Freezer Date Cookies: A Sugar-Free Thanksgiving Treat

November 24, 2015

Freezer Date Cookies: A Sugar-Free Thanksgiving Treat | Growing Up Herbal | Delicious, healthy freezer date cookies, perfect for making holiday memories.

When you think about Thanksgiving desserts, pumpkin pie is probably the first thing to pop into your mind.

Am I right?

Same here, but for the past couple years, my family has come up with a new tradition that I think we’ll be keeping for the long-haul.

We’ve been gathering in the kitchen on cold November evenings, preheating the oven, gathering ingredients from the refrigerator and pantry, and baking some Freezer Date Cookies together.

They’re delicious, and they’re sugar-free. (And, they can be gluten-free if you’d like.)

Seriously. I kid you not. Delicious. Everyone loves them. Especially when they’re straight from the oven with a big glass of raw milk. They’re so soft, warm and chewy! Oh, my word!

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Herbal Education At The Academy: Herbs For Children

November 20, 2015

Herbal Education At The Academy: Herbs For Children | Growing Up Herbal | We're talking about how to use herbs for children in the Intermediate Herbal Course this month!

Did you know that most people attribute their desire to live more naturally and healthily to having children? It’s true!

This month’s Herbal Education post fits perfectly with that theme as it’s all about children and using herbs with them!

Today, I’ll be sharing an overview of what’s taught in the 10th and last unit of the Online Intermediate Herbal Course at the Herbal Academy of New England as well as 3 key takeaways and an herbal formula for Gripe Water in case you need it for a colicky baby at some point.

CLICK HERE to learn about using herbs for your child!

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A Homemade Face Mask Your Girlfriends Will Beg You For More Of

November 19, 2015

A Homemade Face Mask Your Girlfriends Will Beg Your For More Of | Growing Up Herbal | A DIY holiday face mask your girlfriends will LOVE! Make them some today!

I’m a sucker for making and trying homemade skincare products for myself.

Seriously. Like, girly-girl obsessed with it.

Mild foaming facial soap – check. Cleansing grains – check. Facial serum – check. Face mask – check. Spot treatment – check. Oil cleansing blend – check. Herbal facial toner – check.

Should I keep going? Probably not.

So imagine my giddy excitement when I was browsing through all the handmade goodie videos and recipes inside my friend Becca’s new course – A Handmade Holiday, and I stumbled across this recipe for making a homemade face mask called Ginger Snap Face Mask.

It IMMEDIATELY got added to my to-do list for the day.

Forget making it for my sisters-in-law! I had to try it first! I mean… of course I was just trying to be a good friend and make sure it was okay to put on their faces before I made large batches of it and gave it to them as Christmas gifts.

Psh… who am I kidding. I was totally thinking about myself!

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How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties

November 17, 2015

How To Decrease Your Chance Of Getting Sick At Holiday Parties | Growing Up Herbal | 7 easy ways to keep from getting sick at holiday parties.

Have you ever been at a holiday party and noticed some of the guests doing things that are kind of gross.

For example, have you ever seen people cough into their hand over and over but not wash afterwards? What about people sticking their hands in the community chip bowl or double dipping in the spinach dip? Maybe you’ve even done something gross like accidentally pick up someone’s drink and take a sip. Oops!

Okay. Admit it. You’re like me, and you have a radar that is always on the lookout for “hygiene tresspassers” or “good-manner breakers.” (Maybe that’s just us moms because we’re always so busy making sure our kids are washing their hands, covering their mouths, or not swapping spit with others.)

Now, I’m all for a good holiday get-together, but I definitely want to try to keep from catching something while I’m there. I also want to keep my kids from catching something because having four sick kids is not my idea of a “merry” holiday.

So if you’re like me and you love getting together with friends and family at holiday parties but you want to decrease your chance of getting sick while you’re there, today’s post is for you my friend!

Today I’m sharing 7 easy things you can do to decrease your chance of getting sick at holiday parties this year… you and your kiddos that is.

These seven things will apply to you whether you’re attending a get-together or hosting it. Enjoy mama!

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Apple Cider Chai To Make You Warm & Happy

November 12, 2015

Apple Cider Chai To Make You Warm & Happy | Growing Up Herbal | Warm up cold fall days with a cup of homemade apple cider chai. Not only will it warm your belly, fingers, and toes!

Fall is quite glorious for many reasons, and October is no exception. It is the intersection between cool temperatures and sunny days; the perfect weather to spend the entire day outside. My kids have certainly answered October’s invitation to fritter away these magnificent days in the garden.  I sometimes don’t hear from my little ones for hours, observing them from the windows every so often only to see them at all corners of the garden, engaged in some magical activity.

It was on one particular day; when I finally implored the children to come for dinner, did I realize how cold they had grown from romping around on the cold earth. Our apple trees had recently been harvested and we had more apples than uses for them. I decided that a warming apple cider chai was just what these cold little folks needed to warm them up and restore their moods.

The key to apple cider chai is…

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