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How To Make And Use Mullein Flower Oil

July 22, 2015

How To Make And Use Mullein Flower Oil | Growing Up Herbal | Mullein flower oil is a great oil to keep on hand as it can be used in many ways for your family's wellness.


There’s so much to say about this plant it’s hard to know where to begin. Not only does it grow all over the US and in many other parts of the world, but it’s one of the easier plants to identify and harvest. It has many valuable actions and can be used in a variety of ways and preparations. If I had to think of one word to describe mullein it would be “versatile”.

However, I’m not going to go into all the ways mullein can be used… you can look that information up for yourself. Instead I’m going to simplify things and focus on using one part of mullein in one particular way. Today I’m going to teach you about using infused mullein flower oil. I’ll start out by briefly talking about harvesting mullein flowers, prepping them for storage, infusing them in oil, and of course some various ways you can then use that oil in your home.

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using herbs & essential oils

Herbal Education At The Academy: The Cardiovascular System

July 17, 2015

Herbal Education At The Academy: The Cardiovascular System | Growing Up Herbal | Come learn a bit about herbs and the cardiovascular system and get an herbal recipe for a great cardiovascular tonic tea!

“The cardiovascular systems job is to move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, and to send deoxygenated blood and gaseous waste to the respiratory and urinary systems for removal.” – The Herbal Academy of New England: Intermediate Herbal Course

Today I’m talking about what I (and you if you study with them) learned in the sixth unit of The Online Intermediate Herbal Course from The Herbal Academy of New England which is on the cardiovascular system. I’ll be sharing 3 key take-aways from this unit as well as a recipe for a yummy cardiovascular tonic tea that will please the whole family!

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using herbs & essential oils

5 Bug Repelling Essential Oil Blends That Actually Smell Good (Kid-Friendly Blends Included)

July 15, 2015

5 Bug Repelling Essential Oil Blends That Actually Smell Good (Kid-Friendly Blends Included) | Growing Up Herbal | Making homemade bug sprays this summer? Here are 5 bug repelling essential oil blends to repel the bugs and keep you smelling good at the same time!

Why is it that when you think of natural bug repellants your mind automatically goes to citronella essential oil? Who else here thinks citronella products stink? Raise your hand because I know I’m not the only one.

Okay, so even though citronella may not be my favorite essential oil in existence, there’s no doubt that it works to keep the bugs away. Unfortunately most people don’t like its scent either so if you use it, it may keep your friends away too. Over the years I’ve practiced making my fair share of bug repelling products, and I’m glad to say that I eventually graduated from stinky “citronella only” to better smelling repellants because I kept working at perfecting them. 

And guess what? Citronella essential oil is not the only option when it comes to making natural bug repellants using essential oils. Why should we stink to repel bugs? I personally don’t think we should have to so today I’m sharing 5 bug repelling essential oil blends with you that you can use in your natural bug repellant products to keep the bugs away without keeping your friends away.

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Woody Wanderings: The Path of Natural Health And Vitality

July 13, 2015

Woody Wanderings: The Path of Natural Living And Vitality | Growing Up Herbal | Curious about what's a natural living journey is like? Come read a fun adventure story of your family getting started on the path of Natural Health and Vitality!

It’s a lazy Saturday morning in July. Your family wakes up late, lounges around in their pajamas, and enjoys a late breakfast of smoothies and banana nut muffins. This kids are playing a wild make-believe game in their room while you and your husband sit and enjoy a cup of coffee together on the couch. After a half-hour the kids come bounding out of their room, itching to get the day started.

Saturdays are “family days” so you ask the kids what they want to do today. Everyone chimes in all at once with their ideas. They’re so excited and so loud you can’t understand a word they’re saying! Once you calm everyone down you listing to each child’s suggestions one by one. No one wants to stay home that day so you and your husband decide that a family adventure is in order. It’s been a while since you’ve been out exploring nature so you decide to grab your adventure packs, your cameras, and a picnic lunch before heading out into the woods to wander about.

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Is It True? There’s Lead In Bentonite Clay!

July 10, 2015

Is It True? There's Lead In Bentonite Clay! | Growing Up Herbal | Concerned about using products that contain bentonite clay because it contains lead? Here's why I'm fine with it.

Several months ago a mama commented on a post I wrote promoting Redmond Trading Company’s “Earthpaste”, saying that she had recently ordered some for her child, but was greatly disappointed when she saw the proposition 65 warning label on the tube saying it contained lead. She said she couldn’t let her child brush his teeth with a toothpaste containing lead and wanted to know why I would promote such a product.

This argument against bentonite clay toothpastes as been around for a while and there are some pretty strong voices on both sides.

Today, I’d like to address this “lead in Earthpaste” topic, and let you all know why I still stand behind Earthpaste and bentonite clay as a healthy substance.

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No Bake Turmeric Boost Balls

July 8, 2015

No Bake Turmeric Boost Balls | Growing Up Herbal | My kids LOVE these easy to make herbal cookies that require NO baking!

I love experimenting with food and herbs, learning how to combine the two, and make it taste great without killing the properties of the herbs… not to mention making deliciously healthy foods my kids will eat. It can certainly be a challenge, but I’m definitely up for it from time to time!

My most recent recipe experiment came after trying Gaia Herbs function powders, TurmericBoost: Restore and TurmericBoost: Uplift as a part of their #LiveLifeBrighter promotion. (And, before it’s over, enter on the Gaia Herbs Facebook page for your chance to win an amazing prize pack before the contest ends this Friday!) I love the flavor of TurmericBoost so it’s really easy for me to add it to smoothies or milk. It has a spicy vanilla taste and warms you up all over. Just writing about it makes me want some!

Anyway, there are times that I’m not really in the mood for a drink so I wanted to find another way of using it… that and the fact that my kids can be picky about spicy tasting foods so I needed some other options that we’d all love!

After brainstorming and trying a few recipes out, I finally settled on one that is super quick to throw together, requires no heat, and tastes great. Plus, it works well for different diets as you can substitute ingredients easily. 

Today I wanna share my recipe for No Bake TurmericBoost Balls with you. Having healthy sweet treats on hand (or ones that can easily be made) is always a good idea, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Not only will it help to curb those junk food cravings, but it will keep you from devouring a whole package of Oreos because you want something sweet! (Not that I’d know what that’s like of course! ;P)

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