A Gift Guide For September

September 4, 2015

September Gift Guide | Growing Up Herbal | An autumn themed guide of homemade gifts for natural mamas!

I love the month of September. The weather begins to cool, fall breezes begin to blow through these mountains, I get in the mood for autumn scents and flavors, and I start wanting to slow down and do meaningful work. Today I’m sharing an “Autumn” inspired gift guide featuring beautiful handmade items from a variety of Etsy shops. Enjoy mama!

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Lemon Rosemary Ice Cubes

September 2, 2015

Lemon Rosemary Ice Cubes | Growing Up Herbal | Pretty up any glass of water with these easy to make Lemon Rosemary Ice Cubes!

If you ask me, plain ole’ water is pretty dull and boring. If I’m going to drink water during the day, and I normally do, I’m going to need something fun… something tasty… something exciting!

Today I’m sharing how I make Lemon Rosemary Ice Cubes to pretty up my water and not only give it more flavor, but more health benefits too. I’ll talk about how to make them (as well as how to keep your herbs from floating to the top of your ice cubes), why they’re good for your body, and some different ways to use them. Read on my friend!

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How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally

August 26, 2015

How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally | Growing Up Herbal | Today we're sharing how you can gain confidence in caring for your family naturally because when it comes to natural living and raising kids, there's plenty of doubt to go around!

Hi Meagan,
I really love your site. I’m not sure if this is the kind of “one thing” you mean, but for me raising naturally healthy children is really tough as it goes against the mainstream and isolates me from the usual support systems of family, friends and doctors.

SO my one thing I’d like to improve is managing my own anxiety when my kids are sick. It is so hard to stay true to ideals when you are isolated in your choices and it would be so much easier to give in and give the darn antibiotics and be done with it! As each illness (currently impetigo) is new to me, and I am new to doing things naturally, I often feel like Im winging it , or as my mum sees it “experimenting” with my children’s lives. The truth is I would not be judged for giving antibiotics, vaccines, steroids, regardless of the outcome, it’s just what you do, any adverse effects are part and parcel and “not my fault”…..however, by choosing herbs and homeopathy over pills any adverse outcome is attributed to my irresponsible choices. Not sure how you can help improve this situation….a herbal tea for anxiety?!…but really its my biggest struggle.

Thanks again for putting your knowledge out there,

Dear Katherine,
Today’s post is for you as well as myself and all the other natural mamas out there struggling with this same issue of self-doubt and lack of support. Please know that you are not alone… lacking the confidence to manage our children’s illnesses naturally is a common issue many of us natural mamas face, but by the end of this post, I hope you will have identified some areas you can focus on to increase your confidence and your ability to manage childhood ailments in a safe, natural manner. 

Your friend, Meagan

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How To Make An Effective Herbal Anti-Itch Salve

August 19, 2015

How To Make An Effective Herbal Anti-Itch Salve | Growing Up Herbal | Preventing bug bites is key, but what do you do to stop the itch if you or your kid does end up with them? Try this effective herbal anti-itch salve next time and see what you think!

What happens when you forget your essential oil bug repellant and you find yourself smacking, swatting, and scratching at the bugs around you? What do you do when your kid comes to you with red, painful and itchy spots that are making them whiny?

You run for your herbal first aid kit and grab your tin of herbal anti-itch salve, that’s what!

What? What was that you said? You don’t have an herbal anti-itch salve in your first aid kit?!

Mama! We must correct this oversight!

Today, I’m sharing my herbal anti-itch salve recipe with you (as well as the story of how it came to be) so that the next time you find yourself swarmed with bugs and end up with red, itchy spots all over, you will have a little bit of nature’s goodness to bring soothing relief to your hot, swollen skin.

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Ask The Readers: Did You Have A Baby That Weaned Early? If So, How Did You Give Them Extra Nutrients?

August 17, 2015

Ask The Readers: Did You Have A Baby That Weaned Early? If So, How Did You Give Them Extra Nutrients? | Growing Up Herbal | Did your baby wean early? How did you provide them with extra nutrients? I wanna hear from you!

Do you ever hear natural mamas talk about how long they’ve nursed their babies – about the benefits for mama and baby and how easy it is? What’s that called… extended breastfeeding, right?

There’s no denying that breastfeeding isn’t healthy. Doctors encourage mamas to nurse if possible, and science backs up the benefits of breastfeeding.

Shouldn’t you too try to nurse your baby for an extended period of time just like all these other natural mamas?

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Herbal Education At The Academy: The Liver

August 14, 2015

Herbal Education At The Academy: The Liver | Growing Up Herbal | Come learn about the liver and herbs that help it function well in this months Herbal Education post!

Today I’m over on the Bulk Herb Store blog talking about the liver and what is taught in the seventh unit of The Online Intermediate Herbal Course from The Herbal Academy of New England.

The liver plays a very important role in the body working with other organs to digest, absorb and metabolize food and eliminate waste products from the body. This organ is often neglected when someone approaches using herbs with a “pill for every ill” mindset, but in my personal opinion, liver health along with proper nutrition and gut health, are some of them foundational parts of living a healthy life. The liver works all. the. time. so let’s do a good job to take care of it!

Today I’m sharing 3 key take-aways from this unit as well as a delicious soup recipe that is super healthy for the liver!

CLICK HERE to get a sneak peek at what HANE is teaching in this unit!