March Book Club Selection: French Kids Eat Everything

March 2, 2015

March Book Club Selection: French Kids Eat Everything | Growing Up Herbal | This month we're tackling the subject of picky eaters. Get the book, read it, and join us for the review at the end of the month!

I think I can honestly say that one of the most common themes I see in emails I get from natural mamas is the struggle of dealing with kids who are picky eaters.

And sometimes… I’m there too. Sometimes my kids are picky. Sometimes they gripe about the foods I put on their plates. Sometimes their likes change… mid-bite.

I’ve spent my fair share of time searching for how to deal with picky kids (you know… so I can magically reverse their pickiness). Through my searching and my own experiences, I’ve come up with 10 rules to follow in order to minimize pickiness in my home. Thankfully they work most of the time. Unfortunately they don’t ALWAYS work. 

Now I know that there are a lot of reasons that kids can be picky. I’m sure most of it is just pure exertion of the will, but I honestly do believe that there are other issues at play that can cause picky eating. Two things like taste buds sensitivity and food aversions come to mind. In my past search for how to deal with picky kids I came across this month’s book club book. I’ve heard people sing its praises, and it’s been one of those books on my “to-read” list for a long while now. Let me tell you a bit about it.

French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon

As the cover of the book states, Karen Le Billon and her husband moved their family from North America to France where they “cured” picky eating, quit giving their kids snacks, and started living by 10 simple rules that eventually taught her kids to be happy eaters who eat healthy food.

Over the course of the book French Kids Eat Everything, Karen will share her experience as well as the 10 rules she has adopted for her family that made her kids go from picky to happy, healthy eaters. Some of these rules are French food rules and some are French parenting styles. No matter, I’m sure there’s plenty of wisdom for us American parents in this book. I personally can’t wait to read it!

Like I said earlier, my kids are not picky all that often, but they have their moments more than I’d prefer. Seeing as how that is the case, I’m really interested in finding out what these rules are so I can compare them to my own “picky kid rules” and see how I’m doing or what areas could still use some work. I’m also excited to try to implement any of the rules I’m not following and see if we can go from “sometimes” to “never” as far as picky eating is concerned.

And just for the record, this book isn’t all advice and info. There are recipes scattered throughout. Another thing I’m looking forward to trying… French recipes!

Does Julia Child inspire anyone else to love and experiment with cooking? If you don’t know anything about Julia Child, I’d highly recommend the movie “Julia & Julia” featuring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams as it’s an entertaining look at her learning to cook French cuisine. You can rent it or buy it on Amazon, and if you’re really into books you can read the memoir as well. After you watch it you may wanna follow suit and try out some French cooking methods and recipes as well. And while you’re in the cooking mood, why not start with the recipes in this book. You have your kids to try them out on, right?!

So do you have picky kids? Are you tired of struggling? If so, this book could offer you some help, and I’m inviting you to join me (one picky kid mom to another) in reading it to if we can find some nuggets of wisdom together!

About The “Natural Mama’s Book Club”

First off… the monthly books are gonna be easy to access. The plan is for all books to be offered in e-book and paperback editions, and each book will have to do with some aspect of living healthy, natural lives. Most of the books are broken down fairly well and aren’t too long or complicated. Perfect for us busy moms, right!

Secondly… I’m going to be reading these books along with you so if you struggle to find time to sit down and read a book, join the club because most of us are in the same boat.

Lastly, my friend and book club leader, Shannon, will be here on the last Friday of every month to share her review of the book right here on the blog. She’s gonna talk about how it helped her, big lessons learned, how she’s planning to use the info from the book, and so much more. After that, the conversation surrounding the book will move to the comment section because I wanna share what I got from it as well as hear what your thoughts were too.

Sound good? Awesome!

Join Us!!

Again, I’m so excited about this month’s book and I hope you are too!

Please join Shannon and I in reading French Kids Eat Everything this month and share your thoughts on the review Shannon will write at the end of the month! My thoughts will be in the comment section too.

CLICK HERE (Kindle) or CLICK HERE (Paperback) to get your copy and get started today!

See you on March 30th for the review!!

xo, Meagan

Let me know if you’re participating in this month’s book club in the comment section below. While you’re there, tell me one “picky eater” issue you’re hoping she addresses in this book so we can keep an eye out for it together.
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