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The Beginning

When I had my first baby, Judah, I wanted to do all I could to keep him pure and healthy. As I began to look into the natural skincare products available at the local health food stores, I was overwhelmed. There were so many choices. So as I began to research the best products for babies I was repeatedly disappointed by coming across information about these companies using ingredients that were not so natural or healthy.

What was I to do?

It was then that I decided to do what I almost always do… make it myself. Since I’m a DIY kinda gal, I started looking into how to make my own natural baby products. I experimented and finally settled on a few to stick with. My little guy did well, and I was a happy mama because I knew that the things I was putting on his skin were pure and healthy.

Over time, I realized that I wasn’t the only mother who struggled with spending a lot of money on “natural” skincare products that weren’t so natural so I decided to start offering my products for sale on Etsy, and Growing Up Herbal was born.

Growing A Business

It’s definitely been a growing experience, trying to keep up with rules and regulations of selling cosmetics online while sticking to my guns on keeping my products simple and totally natural.

I’m not a big business, and I make and sell everything out of my home. Thankfully, being a very small business, I don’t have to follow a lot of the rules that big businesses have to follow. At this point in my life, this is part of the appeal of remaining small.

Medical Claims

I use herbs and essential oils in my products, and I have to be very careful about how I word things so as not to make medical claims. This can be tough because these things have been used for centuries because of their beneficial properties. Here’s my disclaimer though… I choose the herbs and oils I use in my products based on their traditional uses as well as the more modern research and science behind them, but I don’t claim that my products will treat or cure any conditions. My products are cosmetic in nature… not drugs. I legally can’t make these claims. It’s your job to do your research on these herbs to learn about their historical and traditional uses.

Product Preservatives

As far as my understanding of cosmetics go, they will all go bad eventually. Some at different rates depending upon whether it contains water, how it’s stored, how it’s used, and whether preservatives were used or not.

Most skincare companies use synthetic chemical preservatives… yes even natural companies because their products are mass produced and must be able to last for extended periods of time on shelves.

Preservatives are a tricky business. Cosmetics not are regulated, and that means that preservatives are not a requirement. The FDA says that it’s each businesses responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for consumer use. For some moms, they’d rather go with natural skincare products that contain preservatives in order to not have to worry about the possibility of bacteria or mold issues and to have their products last a long time, but others would rather buy fresh, handmade products that may not last as long in order to not expose their children to the effects of the preservatives.

For me, preservatives weren’t okay. I thought that if I was paying the high price for a natural product, I wanted it PURE. I decided that if I made my kid’s skincare products as fresh and clean as possible… I didn’t need any of these preservative in them. This is the same mindset I have with the products I sell to my customers. The more I learn about preservatives and their effects, the happier I am that I made that decision for my family.

So here it is. Growing Up Herbal products do not contain any preservatives.

They are made fresh in small batches using ingredients that are properly stored, and my process is a clean one. I use these products on my kids, and I don’t want them going bad either! I recommend that you store all my products properly and use all products within 6-12 months from your purchase date.

None of my products contain significant portions of water – which is the main factor in causing microbial growth. My soaps are actually the only thing that includes water and I use clean, distilled water. Soaps also don’t have the tendency to go bad like lotions do. My creams are not made using water, but organic aloe juice which has antimicrobial properties of it’s own.

I don’t currently use natural preservatives such as Vitamin E oil or Rosemary extract. These aren’t actually preservatives, but antioxidants. I NEVER use Grapefruit Seed Extract either. There is much controversy over this “preservative”, and I’m just personally not comfortable with it so I don’t use it.


All Growing Up Herbal products are formulated with a specific purpose in mind. My goal is to make products that are pure, healthy, and nourishing to your little one’s body.

All ingredients are either certified organic, wild-harvested, or organically grown and come from reputable sources. I use all of my own products on my kids, and you can be sure that I won’t sell anything I wouldn’t use.

Some ingredients are outrageously expensive to buy organic therefore, in order to keep prices down for you, I find reputable sources that aren’t certified organic, but are of high-quality. I’m picky. I’m an all or nothing person, and I want my products to be awesome… that means I have to start with awesome ingredients. If I find that something isn’t up to par (ingredient or vendor source) it will be corrected. Remember… I’m human, not perfect, and always learning.

Just know that Growing Up Herbal products are almost 100% organic… let’s say between 95% – 98% organic. The last 2% – 5% are wild-harvested or naturally sourced ingredients… still great!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or email me at meagan (at) growingupherbal (dot) com. I’d be happy to tell you what you want to know. I want you to be comfortable with my business!

xo xo, Meagan