Welcome to Growing Up Herbal!

Growing Up Herbal is a lifestyle blog about living life naturally. And this place is for natural-minded mamas, like you, who dream of well-stocked herbal apothecaries, crave fermented beverages, and love snuggling with their littles.

I’m Meagan. I’m a registered nurse turned herbalist. I’m wife to a wonderful husband, homeschooling mama to four amazing boys, disciple of Jesus Christ, and mountain dweller in upper East Tennessee. I desire to live a natural lifestyle filled with beauty, creativity, and simplicity.

Growing Up Herbal is the space where I share what living life naturally looks like in our family.

Here, you’ll find information on:

How to nourish your family with delicious real food, navigate meal planning, and understand simple healthy nutrition.

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How to cultivate your health naturally using herbs, have a healthy pregnancy, embrace motherhood & home, and learn about herbalism.

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How to harvest nature’s provisions through an organic garden, foraging for wild foods, wildcrafting herbs, and making a variety of herbal preparations.

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How to gather resources to make natural living easier for you such as good books, eco-friendly products, or free products from awesome companies.

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How to sustain your health with herbal remedies, essential oils, non-toxic DIYs, and approaching common ailments from a natural perspective.

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How to wander on your own path to natural living, make herbal first aid remedies, and enjoy the great outdoors with your family.

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Ultimately, my goal is to share what I’m doing and what I’m learning with you so you can embrace this natural lifestyle too. I mean, there’s nothing better than having a good hiking buddy with a compass!

What I Stand For

I believe that if we want our children to grow up and make healthy decisions as adults, we need to teach them and set good examples for them now while they’re small.

I believe that we are each responsible for our own health. The daily choices we make have a direct effect on our health, and it’s up to us to make more healthy decisions than unhealthy ones in order to take charge of our own health.

I believe we are wonderfully created beings, but we are all unique and have different needs. What’s “right” for me may not be “right” for you. If something doesn’t work for you the first time, don’t give up. Try again, change your approach, and keep searching for the “right” thing that fits you best.

I believe that doing anything worthwhile takes time, and there will always be a learning curve to get over. This holds true for our health too. Don’t expect overnight results, and don’t expect to find the right path immediately. Life is a journey. Embrace the adventure!

Ready to move forward and live life naturally?