Author: Heidi Harrabi

How to Make Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup

Cold and flu season is officially here, and it’s a sure bet that someone in my family will come down with a cough. Wild cherry bark syrup is a wonderful remedy that works for all types of coughs and chest congestion and one that I keep on hand during this season.   Most herbal syrups are made using the boil-down method, however, wild cherry bark syrup should be made a bit differently for reasons we’ll discuss below.   Find out how to make your own wild cherry bark cough syrup to soothe coughs and congestion and help keep you...

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Lunar Tinctures 101

Herbal tinctures are powerful plant preparations. They are highly concentrated liquids and are one of the most quick-acting and popular ways to administer herbs. There are many different ways to make tinctures. One of those ways is to make what’s called a “lunar tincture.” Lunar tinctures are simple and fun to prepare, plus, they can bring a little bit of that ancient wisdom back into your life. Read on to learn about lunar tinctures as well as how to make your own. And don’t miss the lunar dream tincture at the end of the post! You’ll love it! The...

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Simple Lavender Scones for an Enjoyable Afternoon Tea

Afternoon teatime is a perfect opportunity to slow down from our busy lives and create a moment of peace and contemplation. Imagine… The Interesting History of Tea Tea and the ritual of teatime has a rich and interesting history.   For starters, there’s a legend of the tea plant being discovered by a Zen Buddhist monk in the misty mountains of China. It’s said that this man, called Ta’Mo (White Buddha), had come to China from India, and while there, he sat in meditation for 9 years. During the last year of his meditation, he fell asleep, and when...

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DIY Herbal Bug Repellent Powder For A More Enjoyable Camping Trip

Nothing ruins a good time outdoors than pesky bugs! There are a number of natural bug sprays one can use, but what about the creepy crawly kinds that love to crawl into your tent? Ticks, spiders, ants… these can all ruin a nice camping trip, and no one wants to share a sleeping bag with them! Luckily, the earth is filled with plenty of plants that can help keep these bugs away. So next time you go camping, be sure to take along this DIY Herbal Bug Repellent Powder and keep the bugs where they belong… outside! DIY Herbal...

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