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15 Healthy Homemade Sodas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Inside: If you’re looking to make the switch from unhealthy sodas to healthier versions, look no more. Here are 15 healthy homemade sodas to get you started! Not only do they taste great and satisfy your fizz craving, but many of them are good for your gut health! Soda, pop, coke, whatever you call it, this sweet beverage is delicious. In fact, there’s nothing quite like the refreshing fizzy taste of a cold soda. However, soda is NOT healthy for your body! Research has shown that the ingredients in conventional soda are literally addicting. Companies spend a lot of money trying to...

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How To Use Herbs To Cleanse Your Child’s Liver Safely

As parents, we instinctively want to protect our children from anything dangerous. Many of us choose foods that will strengthen their bodies, avoid synthetic chemicals, and turn to natural remedies and herbs instead of prescription medications. Even with these precautions, though, is it possible that our children’s systems still need to be detoxed? Is a detox necessary, or even safe for children, and at what age? Can you use herbs to cleanse your child’s liver safely? Maybe your kids have been eating a standard American diet and using conventional skincare products, and you’re looking to make some positive changes...

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Are Alcohol Tinctures Bad For Children?

Many parents want to use herbs to better their child’s health, but questions about safety come to mind, especially when it comes to giving their child an herbal tincture that’s been extracted in alcohol.   Most parents new to herbs wonder whether alcohol tinctures are bad for children. I mean, alcohol is bad for anyone if too much is used too often, right? And, because children are much smaller in weight and their bodies don’t metabolize toxins the way an adult’s body does, wouldn’t it make sense that there should be some worry around giving alcohol to them… even if it’s...

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Herbal Sleepytime Tea For Ansy Kids On Christmas Eve

With the holiday season in full swing, you’re bound to have some excited kiddos running around, especially on Christmas Eve! There will be marathon cookie bakes, playing with the cousins, Christmas at the in-laws and so much more going on. With all this activity, it’s no wonder the littles have trouble getting to sleep at this time of the year. So instead of getting overwhelmed by all of their energy, why not help your child settle down at night (or daytime!) with this herbal tea blend for anxious kiddos. When There’s Too Much Stimulation A few weeks ago we had...

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How To Create Authentic Holiday Potpourri Blends This Year

The sweet smells of holiday baking tantalize the senses and remind us of family and seasonal traditions. Unfortunately, though, we don’t all have time to fill the house with olfactory stimulating baked goods, and seeing how artificially scented fragrances can cause neurological damage among other issues, we natural mamas must resort to other methods of adding holiday scents to our homes. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be that difficult. We can use herbal, holiday potpourri blends to fill our homes with the scents of the season, and the best thing is it’s completely natural. Today I wanna talk about...

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10 Easy-To-Make, Healthy Fall Snacks Kids Will Love

The month of October is full of parties and snacks, but unfortunately, the vast majority of these holiday season treats are storebought and full of unhealthy ingredients like processed sugar. Now that I’m a natural mama, I don’t want to be feeding my little guy all the same junk I grew up on. Here are some healthy fall snacks that aren’t just healthy, but they taste great and are sure to be a hit with kids! 1. Clementine pumpkins Ingredients: clementine oranges, peeled 1 stalk of celery Directions: Cut the celery stalk into “pumpkin stems.” Cut a 1-inch piece of...

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How To Make Authentic Indian Chai Tea Your Friends Will Love

The smell of cardamom and ginger gently drifting through the air as the smooth tendrils of milk and honey swirl together with the spices. Chai tea is a sweet beverage steeped in tradition. For many tea lovers, chai tea has meant a trip to the coffee shop or a simple tea bag steeped in milk. However, making your own authentic Indian chai with fragrant spices, creamy milk and syrupy honey is actually quite simple.  My History with Chai One of my first experiences with chai was when a young missionary friend of ours invited us over for a cup...

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How To Gain Confidence In Caring For Your Family Naturally

Sometimes, making healthy choices for our children can be hard. Friends and relatives may think our children are deprived when we don’t provide them with junk foods. They may not understand or support the decision to choose alternative remedies over modern medical treatments. You can however, gain confidence in caring for your family naturally, despite the critics, and today, I’ll explain how. The Dangers Of Choosing Modern Medicine Let me start off by saying that although 99% of the time we use holistic, natural remedies, I’m not opposed to modern medicine. If I ever need surgery, I will be more...

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