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How To Make Homemade Coconut Milk

I grew up greatly disliking anything coconut. I hated the smell and taste of everything associated with it. At the time, I didn’t consider myself a picky eater and would eat almost everything… except coconut. All that changed about 10 years ago when I had my first coconut honey macaroon at a local health food store. It was the first time I had eaten real coconut (compared to the overly sweetened coconut sold at most grocery stores), and I fell in love with it! Now I keep coconut on hand for things like homemade granola bars, to sprinkle on oatmeal, and...

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10 Culinary Herbs To Grow In Containers (+ 100 Ways To Use Them)

I have something to confess. I am not a natural at gardening. Folks, I am serious when I say that I do not have a green thumb. People often look at me in surprise because they assume that because I write about natural health and use herbs on a regular basis, I must automatically have a luscious garden that I tend to every summer day.  I could only wish. I do manage to grow a few tomatoes and a variety of lettuces, but I’m still striving for that luscious garden of my dreams. Growing herbs in containers, however, is...

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I’m Meagan, a registered nurse turned herbalist, and I want to live life naturally. Follow along as my husband and I and our four sons figure out what natural living looks like for our family. And of course, I’d love for you to join me on this journey, too! There’s nothing better than having a good hiking buddy with a compass!

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