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How To Make The Best Apple Cider Chai – And Warm Little Bodies

Fall is quite glorious for many reasons, and October is no exception. It is the intersection between cool temperatures and sunny days; the perfect weather to spend the entire day outside. My kids have certainly answered October’s invitation to fritter away these magnificent days in the garden. I sometimes don’t hear from my little ones for hours, observing them from the windows every so often only to see them at all corners of the garden, engaged in some magical activity. It was on one particular day; when I finally implored the children to come for dinner, did I realize...

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How To Make All Natural Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin season is in full swing as fall reaches its height. Stores are overflowing with pumpkin-flavored delicacies and delights. Despite its popularity and cultural status in the United States, the domesticated pumpkin actually originates from Mexico. This should be no surprise to anyone who’s done serious Mexican cooking; there is no shortage of pumpkin recipes to be found in the region’s diverse culinary history. But despite its origins, it’s hard to image fall in America without pumpkins abounding. In fact, if you have kids, you’ve probably ventured out to a pumpkin patch a few times and stuck your newly...

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Cherry And Cardamom Granola

A quick scan of my local health food store’s granola selection leaves me with the stark realization that if I want the convenience of prepackaged granola, I must forgo a college savings plan for my children. This realization led me down the DIY granola path, and I have yet to look back. It turns out homemade granola is tastier, more economical and absurdly easy. I’ve singed, burnt, pulverized and otherwise destroyed countless dishes, but I’ve yet to maim granola, which speaks to its ease.  Granola is very forgiving and open to interpretation. Leave it in the oven a bit longer and...

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Rose Hip and Raspberry Popsicles

My kid’s love the taste of rose hips and we frequently gather huge bunches of them out in the wild, dry them, and drink them as a fragrant and delicious tea. If you’re a little more adventurous there are countless ways to prepare and enjoy these vitamin C rich fruits. Rose hips can be used for jams, jellies, syrups and baked goods. They can even be used to make delicious rose hip and raspberry pops! Rose hips are one of my favorite herbs. Not only are they a beauty to behold but a delight to work with in the...

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Chamomile Flower Tea Cookies

Nothing says spring like flowers. With the days lengthening and the weather warming, our backyard is a-buzz with daffodils, flowering trees and bees. We’ve been hard at work preparing our garden and planting the herb beds which include several bushes of new chamomile plants. German Chamomile is our favorite; easy to grow and beautifully ornate when in full bloom. Not only does chamomile make for an excellent tea but it’s quite delicious in baked goods. As with many aromatic flowering herbs there is a fine line between achieving a delicate, flavorful taste and straight-up face cream. It’s much easier...

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Looking For Healthy Green Foods For St. Patrick’s Day? How About Some Zucchini Noodles in a Minty Pea Sauce

Reading Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham the other night to my son evoked a childhood memory of the time I was actually fed green eggs and hotdogs. This frightful meal was an attempt at festivity by my well-intentioned mother for St. Patrick’s Day. While I’m all for the celebration of holiday’s, green eggs and hotdogs crossed the line; even for my 6 year old self. Vowing never to inflict green eggs and hotdogs on my children, I thought long and hard about what healthy green foods for St. Patrick’s Day I could come up with. I quickly concluded that...

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Rose Infused Cheesecakes – A Perfectly Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat For Kids

As a child I loved February because February meant Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day meant candy. Downing 10 boxes of Necco Sweethearts in one sitting? No problem. Making my way through an entire brick of Hershey’s chocolate? Child’s play I tell you. Now as a mama to two little ones I look back on my sugar-filled Valentine’s Day as both awesome and slightly horrific. February was a wondrous time in my childhood. I want to create the same lovely feelings for my two boys, but in a much healthier way. Rose Infused Cheesecakes… aka – “Love Cakes” If you...

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