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A Change in Our Homeschool Schedule & Plans

You guys. I have a love-hate relationship with homeschooling. Don’t get me wrong… I know it’s the right choice for us, and it’s something I definitely want to do with my kids. I’ve seen so much good come of it, I love watching them learn, and I like that I have control over the what and how of their learning. However, many days are tough, and there are some days where I’m ready to give up and send them to public school. Thankfully, those days are few and far between. Over the years, I’ve changed my homeschooling style up...

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Why You Should Study One Herb At A Time (And What May Happen When You Don’t!)

When I first started learning about herbs, I got most of my information through reading blog posts from a few favorite herbal bloggers, browsing online health forums, skimming through a handful of older herbal books, and my own limited experience with herbs. And while those things did help inspire my curiosity in herbs and teach me a little about a lot of different herbs, I rarely retained the information I read. There was just so much info on so many herbs! It was hard to keep up with. Eventually, I realized I didn’t know enough about any one herb,...

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How I Seem To Do “All The Things”

I recently received an email from a blog reader over in Scotland (can I visit you, please!!) asking how I do it all. She said, “I’d just like to know how you do it! You work, write, blog, you learn, you reach out, you pick wild herbs, bake, cook, homeschool, and much, much more. I simply cannot go to the toilet in peace, never mind sit down and do any research… and that’s with one child at school and a second in nursery school! (I have a 2-year-old with me all the time!) I’ve not read your posts properly...

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365 Day Challenge: Week 4 Recap

These are the topics you’ll find in this week’s 365 Day Challenge recap. If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a challenge where I sharing a photo a day, each on a different topic, along with some of my thoughts on that topic over on Instagram. Join me there!. Photo/Writing Challenge :: Day 19 / 365 Day 19 Photo: Movement “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. Read the full description here. Photo/Writing Challenge :: Day...

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365 Day Challenge: Week 3 Recap

Below you’ll find another 365 Day Challenge weekly recap. In this challenge, I’m sharing a photo a day, each on a different topic, along with some of my thoughts on that topic over on Instagram. If you’re not already following me over there, I’d like to invite you to join me. Photo/Writing Challenge :: Day 12 / 365 Day 12 Photo: Horizon I see Cincinnati on the horizon. We read the Holling C. Holling book, Minn of the Mississippi last year as part of our U.S. geography study… Read the full description here. Photo/Writing Challenge :: Day 13 / 365...

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365 Day Challenge: Week 2 Recap

I’m back with another 365 Day Challenge weekly recap for you. Like I mentioned last week, I’m doing a new challenge over on Instagram where I’m sharing a photo a day, each on a different topic, along with some of my thoughts on that topic. If you’re not already following me over on Instagram, I’d like to invite you to join me there. Not only am I sharing these daily photos, but I share behind-the-scenes glimpses of daily life in my Stories which is a great way to see things that rarely show up on the blog! 365 Day...

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365 Day Challenge: Week 1 Recap

So recently, I decided to take on a 365 Day Challenge. Have you ever heard of it before? Basically, you choose a topic and share about it on the social media platform of your choice for 365 days straight. You can Google it, and you’ll find lots of ideas for various types of challenges. Some are really simple (like daily journaling), others are pretty involved (like the Julie-Julia project), and then there are those that are right in the middle (like photographing different topics each day). Since this is my first 365 Day Challenge, I chose to do a...

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Benefits of Water-Based Herbal Preparations (And Why You Should Use Them More Often)

Did you know that water-based herbal preparations like teas, infusions, and decoctions are one of the BEST ways to extract the health benefits of herbs? It’s true. Water is the universal solvent which means that, given enough time, it will break almost anything down… as in, dissolve it completely. Water-Based Herbal Preparations When it comes to herbs, water will extract all the properties of the plant (including some volatile oils) with the exception of resins (which require a high-proof alcohol). That means, when you combine water and plant material, the water penetrates the plant material allowing the phytochemicals within...

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I’m Meagan, a registered nurse turned herbalist, and I want to live life naturally. Follow along as my husband and I and our four sons figure out what natural living looks like for our family. And of course, I’d love for you to join me on this journey, too! There’s nothing better than having a good hiking buddy with a compass!

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