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5 Things Beginning With “S”

Every once in a while, I’ve purposed to write a fun, personal post as a way to open up and share myself with you all a little bit more. I won’t hide behind the reasoning that it’s all for you, dear reader, because, while that’s true to some extent, writing these kinds of posts are good for me too. Not only do they challenge me to open up to you, but they also challenge writing skills and stimulate my brain to think outside its usual box. Most times, I don’t even plan these posts. I simply read some inspirations...

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Approaching Impetigo Naturally: A True Story

Several months ago, my then six-year-old came down with a case of impetigo. I’d heard about impetigo before, but it wasn’t something I was too familiar with. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone with it before, and I don’t think it’s something that is all that common in our local area. Nevertheless, in an effort to do things as naturally as possible, we approached the situation from a natural perspective. Today, I’d like to tell you about it in case you find yourself approaching impetigo naturally at some point. Hopefully, our story will be helpful to you. A Cat...

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What I’m Giving Up For Lent

I don’t often talk about spirituality here on Growing Up Herbal because I didn’t start this blog for it to be about that topic. However, as it has slowly shifted into more of a lifestyle blog, I suppose that spiritual topics will come up now and again since they are a part of my life. With that said, Lent begins this Wednesday, and some church friends and I, along with some of our husbands, have decided to do the Daniel Fast during the weeks leading up to Easter. That means we’re giving up all animal products, all sugar, all...

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9 Random Things

A couple of years ago, I put together some end-of-the-month blog posts called “Things I Love” where I shared 5-6 things I loved from the past month. You know, things like books, holidays, trips, products, etc. that I wanted to remember and also share with you. From time to time, I think about bringing those posts back, mostly for my sake because I want to document things that we can look back on one day, but also because I think they offered a bit more “real life” for you to see. Maybe. Maybe not. Since I’m not so sure...

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How To Balance Self-Love With Loving Others This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and the topic of love is in there air. While Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, this year, I’m approaching it a bit differently. Sure I’ll be making Cousin’s Valentine’s Day gift bags with the boys, whipping up a batch of Raw Maca & Ginseng Aphrodisiac Truffles, and soaking in some Romantic Herbal Bath Blend. I’m even going to take the time to smell the roses (granted my husband buys me some!!). But this year, in these very early days of spring and in this year of connecting with...

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Snow Tubing & Connecting With Others

Last week, our church youth (middle school and high school age kids) went snow tubing at Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing Park in North Carolina.  Judah, who is in 6th grade this year and technically in middle school, was our only kid old enough to go, but since Dean was heading this trip up, we decided to let Isaiah, who’s in 4th grade go along too. In fact, if a parent was planning to go and stay, then younger kids were welcome to come. No matter, I was NOT planning on going. I was planning on staying home with the younger...

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How To Use The “Folk Method” To Make Herbal Preparations

Heads up beginner herbalists! When it comes to making herbal preparations, one of the simplest ways to go about it is to use the folk method. The folk method is often used by beginner herbalists because it’s a simple and easy method to follow, but that doesn’t mean it’s for beginners only. Many experienced herbalists continue to prefer this method of herbal preparation, especially those that tend to rely on their instincts when working with herbs. I’m over at the Herbal Academy blog this week, and I’m explaining what the folk method is, discussing the differences between it and...

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A Drive Along The County Backroads Of East Tennessee

One of my favorite family activities is driving around the backroads here in East Tennessee. Now, if you’re not from this area, but you’ve visited before, you may think I’m crazy. One of the first things visitors notice is just how curvy and windy the roads are here. Yes, the roads are all built around mountains which mean they curvy back and forth as they work their way up and over each mountain. If you suffer from motion sickness, be sure you come prepared if you ever find yourself driving along our roads. Ginger chews and other products that...

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I’m Meagan, a registered nurse turned herbalist, and I want to live life naturally. Follow along as my husband and I and our four sons figure out what natural living looks like for our family. And of course, I’d love for you to join me on this journey, too! There’s nothing better than having a good hiking buddy with a compass!

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