Today I have two guest posts for you all about ear infections and DIY natural remedies for them. Check ’em out below!

The Real Problem With Ear Infections In Kids -

Ear infections are no fun. They’re painful which makes your child irritable, and as a mom, we all know what an irritable child is like! No fun… for your child or you!

So today, I’m going to give you the 411 on ear infections. No I’m not going to talk about the common causes of ear infections, how they present themselves, when to go to the doctor, or even about how to prevent them. You can learn all that on What I am going to talk with you about is the main problem with ear infections and how to treat that problem at home, naturally.

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How To Make An Herbal Ear Infection Oil -

Let’s face it… ear infections are common problems with kids. When it comes to treating these things naturally, you’ve got to know what the real issue behind an ear infection is. Once you know what’s going on, you can be more confident in knowing how to treat the root of the problem naturally.

Well today, I’ve got a few resources for you that will help you when it comes to actually treating an ear infection naturally. I’m going to share my recipe for making a power-packed ear infection oil as well as a few other tried and true home remedies that are worth a shot as well!

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