Ask The Readers: Did You Have A Baby That Weaned Early? If So, How Did You Give Them Extra Nutrients? | Growing Up Herbal | Did your baby wean early? How did you provide them with extra nutrients? I wanna hear from you!

Do you ever hear natural mamas talk about how long they’ve nursed their babies – about the benefits for mama and baby and how easy it is? What’s that called… extended breastfeeding, right?

There’s no denying that breastfeeding is healthy. Doctors encourage mamas to nurse if possible, and science backs up the benefits of breastfeeding.

Shouldn’t you too try to nurse your baby for an extended period of time just like all these other natural mamas?

Should You Nurse Your Baby For An Extended Period Of Time?

If you can, then yes, by all means, go for it. But sometimes, you simply can’t, and the choice is out of your control.

Sometimes breastmilk supply is low and all the herbal remedies to increase breastmilk production aren’t quite enough. Sometimes there may be a medical condition that warrants you stopping. And other times, it may not be you at all. Instead, it may be your baby.

When Your Baby Weans Early

All of my babies weaned early… well early in my opinion. Judah and Ezrah both nursed until 14-15 months while Isaiah and Uriah both nursed until 12-13 months. They were nursing strongly and then within a week or two they were done. Like D.O.N.E. done. Didn’t want a thing to do with it anymore. What’s up with that? Unfortunately, I wasn’t done… at least the girls weren’t, and they were NOT happy with the sudden stop! Anyway, thanks to some herbal concoctions to decrease breast milk, they survived (but barely).

When my first baby weaned I remember wondering what I needed to do to replace the nutrition they were getting from my milk. I didn’t feel like they were eating enough solid foods at that point to get all the nutrition they needed, but I didn’t know what else to offer them… at least with my first I didn’t. Did I switch him straight over to cow (or goat) milk… or even homemade formula? Should I start giving him more foods? Should I put him on additional supplements? What?

The Benefits Of A Real Food Lifestyle

Thankfully, after a bit of research (and this book) I decided to keep doing what I had already been doing by feeding him healthy baby foods like raw goats milk, avocado, farm fresh eggs, homemade yogurt, raw homemade butter, and other age appropriate real foods for babies. I also kept up with his daily dose of cod liver oil and added in an herbal vitamin/mineral supplement as well. Over all, he thrived, as have the rest of my kiddos.

So what about you? Have you had a baby to wean themselves earlier than you would like? How did that go for you? What did you do to provide them with extra nutrients? What foods did you choose? What supplements?