Essential Oil Bug Blend For Children | | One child-friendly essential oil bug blend -- 3 ways to use it.

The days are hot here in these Tennessee mountains, and that means the kids are outside, running around, playing and enjoying nature.

Seeing as how we live smack dab in the middle of the woods means that bugs are sure to be around so I decided to formulate an essential oil bug blend for children so my kiddos can playing outdoors without being bothered by all these bugs!

Repelling Bugs

Besides having annoying gnats and mosquitos around constantly, my kids have two sweet little kitties that they love playing with. Unfortunately, our kitties have fleas, and seeing as how we don’t use flea medicine on them, there’s a chance that the fleas could come off the kitties and onto my kiddos. Thankfully our kitties fleas aren’t all that bad. No matter, flea bites hurt and some kids react badly to any kind of bug bite.

But besides these common bug issues, living in the woods brings a whole new concern to most parents, including yours truly.


Beyond being completely nasty to me, ticks are carriers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme’s disease, and a few other diseases… none of which I wanna mess with. I’m not going to go into what a bummer these diseases can be for your health… you can Google it if you want. All I know is that I wanna do my part in preventing myself or my children from getting them… and that means keeping the ticks off.

Formulating An Essential Oil Bug Blend For Children

So when it came down to formulating this little essential oil bug blend my goal was to make it safe for children of all ages, from my littlest guy to my biggest guy, and that meant searching for essential oils that would repel bugs and were safe for children.

Now the majority of the essential oils that are great for repelling bugs are those that smell really strong such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and citronella. However, these oils are not safe for small children, therefore, they won’t end up in my blend… at least as essential oils, but I’ll talk more about this in a bit. If you wanna learn more about the issue of essential oil safety, I’ve got you covered.

What I found was this photo from The Herbal Academy. It’s a great reference on which essential oils repel certain bugs.

As you can see, there are a lot, but I was only looking for three simple oils to create a safe blend for kids that would repel fleas, gnats, mosquitos, and ticks… repelling flies was just an extra. Here’s what I came up with.

Essential Oil Bug Blend For Children

3 Way To Use This Essential Oil Bug Blend To Deter Bugs

When it comes to using this essential oil bug blend, you have a few options. Let me explain the 3 ways I use it.

Two of my recipes use herbs (peppermint and eucalyptus), and one does not. The reason I like to use these herbs in my recipes is because peppermint and eucalyptus EOs are no-nos with young children, however, you can infuse them in plant form into other menstruums and pull out a small amount of their essential oils into your menstruum (along with their other constituents that help buffer the strong effects of their volatile oils) which is much safer than using the EOs on small children. To me, you get the best of both worlds, herbs and oils, even though they’re kind the same world.

First, I make a bug spray with it, and this is the main way I use it when we’re out and about.

1. DIY Herbal Bug Repelling Spray

  1. Infuse 1/4 cup dried peppermint and 1/4 cup eucalyptus leaves in 1 cup witch hazel extract for 2 weeks.
  2. Strain herbs and compost. Refrigerate infused witch hazel to use as needed.
  3. Combine 2 ounces of herbal infused witch hazel with 10 drops of the above essential oil bug blend in a spray bottle.
  4. Shake well before use. Spray on skin or clothing as often as needed.

Next, I make an herbal oil with it, and this is the main way I use it when we’re at home.

2. DIY Herbal Bug Repelling Body Oil

  1. Infuse 1/4 cup dried peppermint and 1/4 cup eucalyptus leaves in 1 cup of carrier oil on the stove top for 1 hour.
  2. Strain herbs and compost. You should have around 7 ounces of oil remaining.
  3. Add 40 drops of the above essential oil bug blend in your infused herbal oil and store in a bottle.
  4. Apply oil to skin as needed.

Lastly, I make a simple to-go bug oil with it and keep it in my purse during the summer… you know, in case I forget one of the other two things at home. This one doesn’t include the herbal infusion so it’s a bit simpler.

3. DIY “To-Go” Bug Repelling Body Oil

  1. Add 5 drops of the above essential oil bug blend into 1/2 ounce of carrier oil.
  2. Store in a roller tube and rub on skin as needed.

So there you go! An essential oil bug blend for children that you can use alongside herbs in 3 simple ways. Enjoy, and I hope we all have a bug-free summer!

Want more ideas for bug repelling essential oil blends for kids that don’t stink? I’ve got you covered!

Blessings, Meagan