A month or so ago, my 22 month old came down with a runny nose and a cough. A nasty, hacking cough. I figured it was just a virus and it would pass like most always due. But instead of lasting the normal 3-4 days… it lasted for 2 weeks. And then his brother got it… and his cough lasted for 2 weeks. And then the other brother got it… and it too lasted for two weeks. Thankfully dad and I didn’t get it, and thankfully the coughing didn’t last for a 6 weeks total as some of the coughs overlapped a bit. But nevertheless, our house was filled with lots of nasty sounding coughs… especially at night.

So what’s a mom to do that isn’t a fan of over-the-counter cough medicines AT ALL?

Why make my own of course!

I remembered an herbal course I took from Rosemary Gladstar… one of my favorite herbalists, and she showed us her recipe for Honey Onion Syrup so I decided to try that. It’s quick and easy, and you can make as much or as little as needed, as often as you like because you don’t have a lot of herbs that have to sit and infuse. Of course you can add other herbs to it to help with coughs (I’ll list some of those below), but this recipe alone is pretty effective!

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