September – Nettle Herb Study

September 4:
LESSON – How nettle can be a great way it increase your intake of dietary minerals.
Herbal Mineral Vinegar

September 11:
LESSON – How nettle has a salty flavor and can boost the nutrition of food.
PROJECT – Nettle Popcorn Sprinkles

September 18: 
LESSON – How nettle works to increase milk production for breastfeeding mamas.
PROJECT – Mama’s Milk Tea Blend

September 25: 
LESSON – How consistent use of nettle can minimize seasonal allergies.
PROJECT – Herbal Allergy Caps


October – Yarrow Herb Study

October 2:
LESSON – How yarrow helps to deter bugs.
PROJECT – Herbal Bug Spray

October 9:
LESSON – How yarrow aids in healthy digestion.
PROJECT – Herbal Bitters Spritzer

October 16: 
LESSON – How yarrow benefits heart health for all.
PROJECT – Heart Tonic Tincture

October 23: 
LESSON – How yarrow can slow and even stop bleeding.
PROJECT – Herbal Styptic Powder


November – Elder Herb Study

November 6:
LESSON – How elder helps relax the body and calm the nerves.
PROJECT – Elderflower Syrup

November 13:
LESSON – How to use elder as a tasty condiment in addition to a healthy meal.
PROJECT – Elderberry Jam

November 20: 
LESSON – How to use elder to dye fabrics without chemicals.
PROJECT – Elderberry Fabric Dye

November 27: 
LESSON – How elder helps support the immune system during cold and flu season.
PROJECT – Elderberry Immunity Glycerite


December – Chamomile Herb Study

December 4:
LESSON – How chamomile helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and uneven skin tone.
PROJECT – Chamomile Face Toner

December 11:
LESSON – How chamomile nourishes and supports healthy skin.
PROJECT – Chamomile Moisturizing Cream

December 18: 
LESSON – How chamomile helps soothe upset tummies.
PROJECT – Chamomile Lemon Popsicles

December 25: 
LESSON – How chamomile helps to calm and relax the body.
PROJECT – Sweet Sleep Bedtime Tea