An Herbal Thanksgiving Roundup To Inspire You | Growing Up Herbal | Herbs are easy to incorporate into your autumn festivities from food to drinks to table decor and gifts. Here are some ideas to inspire you this season!

Thanksgiving is almost here in the US, and whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with family, Friendsgiving with friends, or simply having a nice autumn-themed dinner party, herbs can be incorporated into your festivities in a variety of different ways from food to drinks to table decor and gifts!

Below, I’ve gathered some fun herbal autumn-gathering inspiration for you in case you’re planning a get-together sometime during the weeks to come.

Herbal Food

Herbal Drinks

Herbal Decor

  • You can find herbal decor ideas for your home and table here and here.

Herbal Gifts

So there you go! I hope you feel inspired to incorporate herbs into your autumn get-togethers!

Love and light,