Boost Your Immune System With This Herbal Vitamin C Syrup | | Be prepared for cold and flu season with this herbal vitamin c syrup!

I’ve always known that vitamin c was one of those “popular vitamins” that people take to keep from getting sick, but I never really knew why other than it boosts the immune system… that is, until all four of my kids came down with whooping cough.

After two weeks of non-stop coughing, I finally figured out what we were dealing with… right about the time my 3 month old started coughing.

Now I’m not one to get all up in arms over things. I usually keep my cool which must be the ER nursing experience I have taking over, but as I started looking into natural ways to help my kids deal with whooping cough, I was starting to get a bit concerned as I realized there wasn’t too much out there for such a young baby. If fact, it’s downright dangerous, even deadly, at that age.

Thankfully I found an answer… well several of them. One of those answers was vitamin c, and in my opinion, it was the most important one.

As I dug into using it with whooping cough I fell in love with this vitamin. How did I not know how great it was beyond the fact that it “boosted the immune system.” You see, lots of things boost the immune system so I’d never really given a simple vitamin a lot of thought during sicknesses. In fact, I probably thought about it a lot like most people think about it. I knew our bodies needed a small amount of it to prevent some diseases, but other than that, when I’m sick, there were many other things on my mind… like what herbs to start using.

I’m not going to go into our whole whooping cough story here. I’ll be sharing that with you soon, but I will say there’s a huge benefit to using vitamin c for all sorts of viral and bacterial infections.

Today I wanna tell you a bit about how great vitamin c is so that if you are like I was and you don’t know much about this vitamin, that will come to an end today. I also want to talk about getting a good bit of vitamin c via herbs, about vitamins c and heat, and I’ll be sharing my own personal recipe for an herbal vitamin c syrup that makes its appearance in my house every fall.

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