How To Become An Herbalist | Growing Up Herbal | Interested in becoming an herbalist? It's easier than you might think!

Do you want to learn more about herbs and natural health?

We’ve all been there.

At the beginning of wanting to do something different… something more… something that’s out there and unknown.

We all have to start somewhere. Somewhere being wherever you’re at right now at this moment.

You can do it!

Today, I want to tell you how I did it… am doing it, and how you can do the same thing. Start today moving forward in your journey to learning more about natural health.

How To Become An Herbalist

There are a lot of different ways people learn about herbs and natural health. Some take courses for it. Some dabble here and there. Some learn and use individual herbs. Some focus on something that’s ailing them and start there.

You can do it however you want. What works best for you? What draws you in more?

Start with that.

Below are several options you can take if you want to learn how to become an herbalist yourself!

Herbal Courses

There are a lot of herbal courses out there.

If you’re new to herbs, I’d suggest starting with some local classes or jumping in on some free online classes just to get your feet wet. There’s no point spending a lot of money on something if you’re not sure if you’ll stick with it or not.

If you already know you’re interest in herbalism isn’t just a passing phase you’re going through, but it’s something you truly want to commit to, then search online for herbal schools or online training sites. Check them out. Make sure they’re reputable. Make sure you agree with their philosophy. Make sure they’re comprehensive. Check out their pricing, the teachers, how the classes work, etc. Lastly, don’t make a hasty decision. Sit on it a while. Ask around. See what other people in your circles are talking about.

I’m currently learning about herbs at The Herbal Academy and they offer online herbal courses for beginners and intermediate students. Definitely check them out. I love it!


This is one of my favorite ways to learn, and in a way, this was how I got started. I honestly can’t remember how I actually got interested in herbs originally… as in what brought me to them, but this was how I built my confidence and how I made it fun. I started by learning how to make tea. Then a poultice. Then capsules. Then a tincture. From there I moved on to learning how herbs worked and what specific ones were used for.

One Herb At A Time

This is a great way to learn about herbs is you want to keep things simple and easy. Learning herbs can be a bit overwhelming at first because there are a lot of them out there… some in different regions of the country, and others span across the world. Many herbs do the same things so again, trying to learn them all or trying to decide which is best for what can be a bit overwhelming… at first. The more you learn, the more you see how they fit into little groups, and the easier it becomes.

So to start, pick one herb and ask yourself the following questions.

Can you recognize it outdoors? What does it look like during different seasons of the year? What’s it’s genius? What’s it’s species? What does that even mean? What is it historically used for? What is it currently being used for? How does it work? What are people saying about it online? Where does it grow? How do you use it?

Those are just SOME of the questions you can ask yourself about whatever herb you choose to start learning about first. But let me say… if you do chose to start here, be sure to get yourself a good notebook to keep your photos and notes in. It will be much easier to organize and keep up with if you do!

If you wanna learn more about herbs, one herb at a time, be sure to join me for my Learning Herbs: Monthly Herb Challenges here at Growing Up Herbal. We dig deep into one herb to learn all we can about it, and not only that, we use it as well. In the end, you’ll know all about that herb, you’ll have researched information you can access anytime you need it, and you’ll have several remedies you’ve made with it.

Herbs For Illnesses

Another common approach to learning herbs is to start studying or researching a particular topic or illness. I like this approach because you’re not only learning about herbs specifically, but also about the body, nutrition, and other alternative therapies that can also help.

Google is a great tool. Use different ways of searching using different terms. For example, if you’re looking for information on treating heartburn during pregnancy naturally you could search “heartburn during pregnancy”, “how to treat heartburn naturally”, “herbs for heartburn”, “natural heartburn relief”… I think you get the idea. All those different search terms will bring up different results. Save your favorite sites and info using Evernote. I love it! It’s the best way for me to keep all my links in one place!

As you read and learn and search and read more, you’ll see specific herbs showing up again and again. At this point you could take some time to look into these specific herbs more in depth if you’d like. Once you decide on something, put your information to good use and make something and give it a try! The more you do, the more confident you’ll become.

Combination Learning

I thing most people learn using all these ways combined together. I know I did. I started by learning to make a tea. The tea was for something I was dealing with. Then I wanted to know why certain herbs were used in it. Finally after a good amount of learning that way, I decided I wanted to extend my herbal knowledge with some formal training, and voila! Here I am today… going down that path.

I love herbs. I’ve loved their mystery and their gifts from the first time I heard about them. The more I learn, the more grateful I am that we have them here… right here – where ever that is for you… to learn about and use to heal our bodies and to keep it in good health.

So here’s to you… a future herbalist… whether it’s for your family or your community. Go for it! We need more people like you!\

How do you learn about herbs? Do you have a method?