my birth stories -

From time to time,  as people get to know me more, they are curious about my life and how I’ve done or do things.

One of the things I get asked quite often is about my 3 kiddos and their birth stories. I tend to quickly sum them up and we move on to talking about other things, but here recently I’ve been thinking of getting a little more personal here on my blog. I’m talking about my messy house, the much needed work of my new house, and now, I’d like to tell you a bit about how my babies came into this beautiful world.

Am I the only birth story junkie here? Probably not.

So for the next 3 weeks – each Friday – I’ll be sharing the birth stories of my 3 little men. Beware… I like to talk, and I love to share photos. If you’re into reading other peoples birth stories, you’ll be all set, but if you’re not that into it, don’t stress, I’ll format it for quick scanning!

Hope you enjoy!!

Catch all of my birth stories right here: Judah, IsaiahUriah, and Ezrah!

xo xo, Meagan