Feeling Crazy Mama? Stay Centered With This Natural Relaxation Technique | GrowingUpHerbal.com | This quick and easy relaxation technique helps me to keep it together when I'm having a "moment".

As a mama to four little guys… let’s just say I’m feeling pretty crazy lately.

Ezrah is just over 3 weeks old and my hormones are still trying to regulate themselves. How long does this mess take anyway?!

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Do I feel sad? Nope… not a bit. Do I feel stressed and overwhelmed? Bingo! Is this normal or is it related to my hormones? Probably both. What triggers these feelings for me? What doesn’t! How do I respond to these feelings? I’m completely irritable! As in, quick… run to the other room… she’s mad again!

From a crying baby, to 3 loud older children, to a messy house, to home-schooling struggles, to endless to-dos for my business and the Bulk Herb Store blog, to all the house projects the man and I have planned, to the man himself saying things to me that come across as insensitive… AAAHHHGHGHGHGHAHAHZWEGEW;OHVZSJG;!!!!!

Okay, so yes, I’ve got A LOT going on, and this time of having a newborn and crazy hormones that make me feel like I can’t keep my junk together is a tough period in my life. I don’t remember it being this way after the births of my other little guys, but I definitely have more on my plate now than I did then.

So what am I doing about it?

Well I’m working on eating healthy foods, getting outside in the sun and fresh air every single day, getting out of the house (on my own and with the family), forgetting a good bit of the things I’m “supposed” to be doing, cuddling with my sweet babe, counting my blessings, and taking some natural supplements to help balance my hormones which I’ll be telling you about in a later post.

But what about the here and now?

The things above take a bit of time. It’s not like balancing hormones or adjusting to the changes a newborn brings about in your life happen over night. No, not at all, but I do have another little trick up my sleeve that is helping me to keep it together when the feelings of stress and overwhelm come flooding through my veins.

Today I want to tell you about it because whether you have a newborn and post-partum homones or you’re just a busy mama, this can help you take a little time for you and get your act together so you don’t loose it when you shouldn’t. I call it the…

“Get Your Junk Together” Relaxation Technique

Now this relaxation technique is a bit like meditating (as far as I know), but don’t let that scare you away. I’m not gonna get all woo-woo or new agey on you because I’m simply not into that.

What this does is it helps me “get away” and relax a bit in order to get myself together. Sometimes I only need to do it once a day, other times I need to do it multiple times a day. It’s like my proverbial cigarette… only it’s natural and healthy.

Here’s how I do it.

First, I get the baby drunk on milk which helps him sleep (not too hard) and then get my older boys busy doing something else so that it’s quiet(er) in my house (a bit more difficult).

Next, I sneak off to my office, close the door, sit at my desk which faces a big open window that lets the light shine in. I open my bottle of Stress Relief (an essential oil synergy blend from Eden’s Garden – LOVE!), and I put it close to my nose where I can smell just enough of it. I inhale deeply then exhale fully. I do this 4-5 times so that my lungs feel like they have all new, fresh, clean air in them, and my mind has calmed thanks to the essential oils. Did you know it only takes around 20 seconds for inhaled essential oils to reach your brain and blood stream? Yep, it’s fast!

After I’ve taken my cleansing breaths, I sit still and start relaxing and focusing on how my body feels… starting at my feet and working up to my head. I note areas of tension and I work to relax them. I note areas that don’t feel well so I can address those later.

After I’m good and relaxed, I quietly think on this mantra that I came across recently. “BE HERE NOW.” What does that mean to me right now? How can I do this? I also think about the things (big and small) that I’m grateful for, and I think about what life would be like if I didn’t have these little “distractions or stesses” in my life. I usually come to the conclusion that my life is good, and I just need to relax and make today the best day it can be.

Lastly, I take a few more cleansing breaths with my essential oils, I open my eyes, and I verbally thank God for my life and it’s MANY blessings.

I can’t tell you what a difference this makes. I helps me get centered and to focus on the good that I have in my life instead of on all the coulda, shoulda, wouldas that so often fill my mind.

Okay, so I’m hoping that if you feel like me from time to time, whether it’s your hormones or whatever is causing it, that you’ll be able to remember this, try it out, and have it help you like it helps me. Keep up the good work mama! You are irreplaceable in your children’s lives!

Do you have a little something that helps you “get your junk together” when you need to? If so, tell me all about it in the comments below!