prepare for illness with evernote

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When you’re a parent that’s not walking on the straight and narrow path towards conventional, modern day medicine, where any time something isn’t right with your child, you hop in the car and head over to the pediatricians office, it can be very common to doubt yourself. I’m talking serious, scared out of your boots, the earth is gonna cave in, you’re a nervous wreck, doubting yourself.

I know because I’ve been there. In fact, I still go there sometimes. But you know what? In all honesty, it helps me. It helps me to have clarity. I say that because when I get that feeling down in my gut, it helps me to see the areas I need to work on and grow in. Those things I think about that make me suddenly wanna become an ostrich and stick my head in the sand… those are the times where I need to pull my head out of that hole (you thought I was gonna say pull my head out of something else, didn’t you? shame!) and get my rear in gear.

Okay, so if you’re totally lost, this is what I’m talking about.

Fear, Self-Doubt, & Uncertainty…

Think about some childhood health issues or situations that make you really nervous when it comes to your children. Why do they make you nervous? You know you wanna go about doing things naturally. Is it because you’re unsure of what the problem really is? Maybe you wouldn’t know what to do if your child did come down with it. Or maybe you know enough about it, but you have no clue where to start working on it. Let’s just simplify and say that you feel totally and completely unprepared as to what to do if you had to face this situation.

… Leads To Research & Prepping

This is where prepping comes in. Like I said, these doubts give me clarity. I realize that I don’t know enough about the issue. I have no plan of action. I’m totally unprepared. Where does that leave me? It leaves me in someone else’s control… the doctors. I mean, if I don’t know anything about what I’m dealing with or how to deal with it, that’s my only option, right. The same goes for you.

Now here’s how to remedy the situation… or at least it’s how I do things.

What you need to do when you get that icky feeling is to start prepping… start researching… start learning. Grab your natural health books, go to your favorite health blogs, pull up those medical websites… start finding helpful information so you no longer feel afraid when you think of that situation, but you feel confident because you’re prepared for it if it ever does come your way.

Now that you’ve dealt with one issue… you still have another one. At least I do. Sometimes I find so much great information, I can’t keep it all straight, let alone remember it all. I don’t necessarily wanna put it on my computer because I want to have access to it no matter where I’m at. You never know when your kid’s gonna get sick and you need to find your notes!

Enter Evernote

This is where Evernote comes into play. What I do is I make notes on various health topics that I wanna keep track of. I’ll save blog posts, I’ll type in helpful information from the books I have, and I’ll copy and paste snippets from medical websites and such that I don’t want to forget. Everything in my note will have to do with whatever topic the note is about. This is how I keep track of all the great information and resources I come across. Then, once I’ve got that information all stored in there where I can access it again to refresh my memory, I create my plan of action at the top so it’s easy to find.

So here’s my challenge for you. Think about those things that make you start to sweat, go sign up for Evernote (it’s free), and start a new note on that topic. Then take some time to research and find information relevant to that topic to add to your note. Once you’re done… make a plan of action and put it at the tip-top of your note.

Do you have a method for keeping up with your health research so you feel more prepared? Share it with me in the comment section below!