5 Day Herb Focus Challenge


The 5 Day Herb Focus Challenge is a 5-day email/social media course designed to walk you through the process I use to get to know one herb in a comprehensive way in a short amount of time. Each day you’ll receive an email from me containing a short lesson, a step-by-step assignment, tips/resources on herbal research, and social connection prompts within the Facebook group. Each day builds on the one before it so that at the end of this challenge, you will have a better understanding of one plant, how to incorporate it into your life, and how to get to know it on an even deeper level by further exploration.

Not only will this challenge help you to focus and organize information on one specific plant, but it will also allow you to connect with a group of like-minded individuals from all over the world where we will support each other and share our herbal stories together. Let’s do this!

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Who’s this e-challenge for?

  • Beginner to advanced herbalists or anyone who wants to learn about herbs on a deeper level.

What is this e-challenge like?

  • You commit five days (just 30-60 minutes a day — more if you want) to the study of one herb. Each day I’ll email you a short lesson explaining what you’re to study and how to do it. I’ll even provide you with research resources and an example to follow. Once you read through your lesson and complete your daily assignment, you can log into the 5 Day Herb Focus Facebook group and share what you learned or ask any questions you may have. I’ll be there to encourage you, to answer (or find answers to) any questions you may have, and to help you with your research if needed. 

When does this e-challenge begin?

  • I like to do these 5 Day Herb Focus challenges every 3 months. The upcoming challenges are scheduled for October 2018 (1st – 5th), January 2019, April 2019, July 2019, and October 2019.

Where does all of this take place?

  • All 5 Day Herb Focus challenge lessons will come to you — in your inbox bright and early, every morning for five days in a row. You are welcome to join the 5 Day Herb Focus Facebook as well. In fact, I’d encourage you to join me over there so I can help you through this process and so everyone participating can get to know each other better. It’s a fun place, and there are lots of extras that happen in that space!

Why should I care?

  • As someone who wants to learn how to incorporate the health benefits of plants into my daily life, I’ve learned that the best way to do that is to first, dive into research and learn all I can about one particular plant, and two, get hands-on with that plant, using it in as many ways as I can. This challenge will help you with the research and learning part of the process.

Is there a specific herb we’ll be studying?

  • No. You can choose your own herb to study throughout this challenge, or you can follow along with the example I have used in the lessons. It’s entirely up to you. If you follow along with the example, I’d encourage you to do your own research and add in any information you find that’s not in the example.

What do I need to do this challenge?

  • Nothing other than an email address and access to the Internet. If you have other herbal resources (like books or access to an herbal herbarium), that’s great, but you can go through this challenge with nothing but the help of Google!

What happens after I purchase?

  • As soon as you purchase the 5 Day Herb Focus Challenge, you will receive an email confirmation for your purchase. You will then be added to the 5 Day Herb Focus Challenge email list where you will receive a welcome email from me (be sure to check your spam or promotions folders) with a list of 3 things you need to do before the class starts. When the challenge begins, you will receive daily emails with your lessons. Once the challenge is over, you will be removed from both the email list and Facebook group, but you are more than welcome to join me again when the next 5 Day Herb Focus Challenge begins so we can study another herb together!

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