Treating Fevers Naturally


A Parent’s Guide To Keeping Their Cool While Managing Fevers In Children

Treating Fevers Naturally is the book to teach you how to take care of your child when they come down with a fever… without potentially harmful over-the-counter drugs.

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Fever Touches Everyone


Everyone’s experienced them to some degree.

They can range from low-grade to high-grade, they can be caused by viral or bacterial infections, and they can last anywhere from 1 day to a week or more depending upon what you’re dealing with, how the body handles it, and the treatment given.

But no matter how bad, how long, or what has caused a fever, they’re no fun to have and no fun to deal with… especially when it comes to your kids having them.

Here’s the deal though. Fevers are typically a good thing. Yeah, I know they’re a bummer, but it means that the body is doing its job. It’s getting hot and trying to kill whatever is making it sick. It should give us moms a good feeling when our children’s bodies are working like they’re supposed to!

Although fevers are the bodies way of taking care of itself, you as a parent still have to take care of your sick child when they have a fever. The more you know about fevers, the better able you’ll be to handle the situation when it arises… and fevers will certainly arise!

– excerpt from Treating Fevers Naturally

Looking for natural alternatives to over-the-counter medicines when your child has a fever?

Treating Fevers Naturally – A Parent’s Guide To Keeping Their Cool While Managing Fevers In Children is an easy to read, 76 page digital guide that walks you through children’s fevers from Point A to Point B.

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