Roasted Pumpkin Seed Spice Blends | Growing Up Herbal | 4 ways to season your holiday pumpkin seeds.

I’m a sucker for holiday traditions. I married into a LARGE family and as a whole, we have a lot of traditions, but when it comes to my own little family of six, we’re still in the process of developing our traditions. This past week, I tried my hand at something new that I think will become a great yearly tradition for us, and I’d like to share it with you.

Last week I bought some pumpkins to cook into pumpkin muffins. While my pumpkin halves were roasting in the oven, I was looking at all the leftover pumpkin guts and wondering what to do with it. Do I throw it all out back in my compost bin and risk growing a huge patch of pumpkins next year, or do I trash them? Then the idea came to me… why not try my hand at making roasted pumpkin seeds? I’d never done it before, but I figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Plus, pumpkin seeds are super healthy for you.

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