Can I change the size of your ads to fit on my website?

Yes. As long as you don’t change the intention and purpose of the ad, go for it! Please refer to the page on how to download banners for more information on sizing adjustments.

Can I create my own ads to promote your products?

Many affiliates are incredible promoters, and I welcome their expertise in this area. If there’s an unmet need of your readers that’s addressed by my products but not by my ads, feel free to go ahead and make an ad and affiliate link for it.

If you do create your own ads, please do not:

  • make claims beyond what my products can offer
  • include any image that you do not have the intellectual property rights to use
  • misrepresent your relationship with Growing Up Herbal or use the Growing Up Herbal logo

Before you create your own ads for my products, consider this. I provide several different ads for each of my products on the download banners page to increase brand recognition across all our affiliates’ websites. Readers who see an ad multiple times are more likely to click on it. This means your chances of someone clicking on one of your ads (and your getting credit for the sale) is increased when you and other affiliates use the banners I’ve provided.

Can I put “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” buttons on my website?

No. In order to receive a commission payout, you must direct visitors to for purchases. Putting “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons on your website for my products is not allowed. This avoids buyer confusion and will save you headache should your readers start to email you asking questions. It’s simpler and easier on us all if everything is directed towards

Do I have to tell people I’m an affiliate?

Yes. This is just good, honest practice for affiliates no matter who’s items you’re promoting. This does not mean you need to go on at length under every link you post about how you’re an affiliate and may make money if they click your link. There are two easy ways to do it:

1. Post a link such as this at the end of your blog post, email, webpage, etc.:


2. Create a disclaimer page on your website (that you create a link to on your messages) with text similar to:

“I am an affiliate of many different authors, bloggers, and businesses and may receive a commission from digital products sold which are linked to in my website and messages. All opinions expressed regarding these products are solely my own.”

Do you monitor your affiliate program for abuse?

Absolutely. I monitor my affiliate program for inappropriate and fraudulent behavior. If necessary, I will suspend or revoke affiliate privileges if I feel I must.