Now that you have your personalized links it’s time to get your ads online. But where do you put them? How do you get people to see them and click on them? Here are some suggestions to help get you started.

Blog Posts

Write a blog post review of your favorite Growing Up Herbal product. Honest, well-written reviews with affiliate links embedded in post text and images will help your readers to understand why they might find the products helpful for them as well.


Posting affiliate links on other peoples’ blogs is typically bad taste and not recommended. However, when your readers leave a comment on your blog you can often find a valid reason to add your affiliate links as part of your reply to their comments.


You can put affiliate links in the text and image links of your email messages. You can casually mention (and insert your affiliate link) into the body of an email to friends and family. Or, formally send out an entire post complete with images and text ads telling your customers, blog subscriber, etc. why you love a particular Growing Up Herbal product.

Note: For mass mailings, you must have the permission of your contacts to send them bulk mailings in order to send them Growing Up Herbal promotional materials and affiliate links.

Another great way to include affiliate links in your emails is to include and image with your affiliate link in the signature section of your email.

If you don’t want your full affiliate link to show up in your email, you can always shorten your links using

Groups & Forums

Do you participate regularly in groups or forums? If your forum allows it (be sure to check the forum’s rules and regulations), post links to Growing Up Herbal products that address the needs of your forum members, or include it in your forum post signature.

Social Media Sites

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media sites are great for sharing about the things that interest or have helped you. Post your affiliate links and a brief testimonial about what you like about the products when you post your affiliate links and images. Be sure to be friendly, conversational, and not pushy. Above all, always be helpful!

Website Banners & Sidebars

Putting and leaving banner ads at the top and sides of your website are easy ways for people to see (and find your link for) Growing Up Herbal products. Readers often follow interesting links coming from the people they trust and can lead to sales that happen at any time of day – even while you’re sleeping!

YouTube Videos

Do you have a video channel on YouTube, Vimeo or other social video account? Post your affiliate links in your video descriptions and as overlays on the video itself to drive traffic for your favorite Growing Up Herbal products. This is especially helpful if your video is a review about a Growing Up Herbal product.

What To Write About

When you post image ads as a banner or sidebar on your website, you typically don’t need any text with those image. However, including text links in blog posts, emails, and social media posts often require you to say something about the product. Below are some suggestions on what to write about to get your reader’s interested enough to click your affiliate link within your text.

  • Share something personal
  • Share a brief, small portion of text from the product along with your thoughts
  • Give your testimonial on how the product helped you
  • Write a review about the product
  • Share something funny
  • Share something shocking
  • Quote a statistic
  • Quote a celebrity

Think like you would if you were your reader. What were your first thoughts as you read a Growing Up Herbal e-book? How did that information help you? How does this product address a need that your reader may have? How can this product improve a person’s life? Get creative. The possibilities are endless. (Just don’t make claims that can’t be backed up by research or my products!)

You’ll do great! Most importantly, put your reader first, be honest, be direct and be excited!

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to use your links repeatedly in your text. The majority of sales happen after a person has been exposed to a product several times. Maybe try sharing about what has interested you in an ebook one subject at a time. For example, you could talk about what the chapter on understanding degrees of fevers in Treating Fevers Naturally has meant to you one day, and then post a testimonial about how you dealt with your child’s last fever using this book the next. This is especially important on Facebook as only about 10 percent of your followers will see any given message that you post.