Making Herbal Butters & Creams: The Ultimate How To Guide was written as a teaching resource for those looking to learn all about these types of preparations… start to finish.

Searching the internet these days can result in a lot of various methods for these products depending upon where you’re getting your information from. This can not only be confusing when trying to learn something new, but frustrating as well.

I’m here to explain to you, in detail, how I make herbal butters and creams, and why I do it the way I do. As a previous skincare business owner, I’ve made my fair share of these products, and there’s definitely some method to my madness.

Here you will get a thorough overview of the different approaches to making herbal butters and creams as well as detailed instruction on basic and advanced practices… including the topic of preservation!

Not only will you learn how to make these different herbal preparations, but you’ll also learn who they will benefit, how to use them, how to source quality ingredients, and you’ll get 5 of my very own herbal butter and cream recipes that are great to have on hand for yourself and your children.

Are you looking to get started making your own herbal skincare or medicinal products?

Making Herbal Butters & Creams: The Ultimate How To Guide is an easy to read, 42 page digital guide that teaches you all about making your own herbal butters and creams.

In this PDF E-guide, you’ll learn:

  • The who, what, when, and where behind herbal butters and creams
  • The differences between each of these preparations
  • What supplies you’ll need to make basic and advanced butters and creams
  • How to emulsify creams naturally
  • How to store and naturally preserve your products to prevent spoilage
  • The how-to behind basic and advanced practices to making these herbal preparations
  • Plus you’ll get 5 of my personal herbal butter and cream recipes that you can personally make for yourself and your child

All you need is the Adobe Acrobat reader (or any PDF reader) to read this guide which you can download for free here.

This guide is packed full of information you won’t get in a typical how-to blog post.

This guide is NOT for you if you’re looking for a quick how-to on making an herbal cream. CLICK HERE to view my free page that teaches you how to make a basic herbal cream.

This guide IS for you if you’re looking for a thorough understanding of herbal butters and creams, their differences and how to use them, basic and advanced practices used when making them, and some well-used herbal butter and cream recipes.

Dear Mama,


I know what it’s like to want to do something new that you’ve never done before. You start searching for information online, but you just aren’t sure of what’s best or right as you keep coming across various methods and opinions from others. You don’t want to waste your time. You don’t want to waste your money. You certainly don’t want to end up with a product that is sub-par and not going to give you the results you were looking for.

I know because I’ve been there, and that’s why I’ve decided to create this simple how-to guide so that I could put all this great information in one nice, neat package that’s easy to access. Whether you’re looking to use herbal butters and creams for yourself and your family, or you’re looking to make and sell these products locally or online, this guide will set you up and get you completely prepared to make the best herbal butters and creams you can make!

– Meagan Visser, RN, FH



Meagan Visser is a Registered Nurse turned SAHM to 3 small boys. Since having children she has fallen in love with living a simpler, more natural life. She is a family herbalist that is passionate about herbs and is an aspiring master herbalist. With her background, Meagan has delved into both worlds, the modern medical world and the traditional natural world, to find the best ways to work with a child’s body so that it can do what it was made to do without suppressing it or causing unwanted side effects.


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