14 Must-Have Supplies For Herbalists (Plus A Free Printable Supply List) | Growing Up Herbal | Curious what supplies you’ll need as an herbalist? Here are 14 to get you started. Plus, get a free printable supply list to help you stay organized.

Whether you’re brand new to herbalism or you’re trying to set up your home apothecary, you’ll want to stock up on some particular supplies to support your work with herbs. But which ones are necessary? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist of herbal supplies needed to set up your herbal workstation?

I think so, which is why I’ve pulled together a list of 14 supplies that are most helpful to herbalists and sharing them over on the Herbal Academy blog this week. There’s even a free Herbal Toolkit Supply List printable for you at the end of the post so you can better keep track of your supplies (the ones you have on hand or those you need to stock up on).

CLICK HERE to check out the supply list and get your free printable, too!