Meagan here!

I just wanted to say, “Thank you,” for making the decision to sign up to Growing Up Herbal’s email list for the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle from Ultimate Bundles. 

Below, I want to quickly tell you why I created a list to promote this bundle, what you can expect from me and these emails, and a bit about the exclusive bonus I have for you if you stick with me throughout this process!

Why I Created This List

I created a special list for the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle for two reasons.

  1. I don’t want to beat my readers over the head with information on how great this particular bundle is if they’re not interested. You, on the other hand, ARE interested in learning more about using herbs and essential oils for health and healing which is why you’ve signed up to learn more.
  2. It seems like every other blogger and their sister is out there promoting this same bundle. I want to offer you some refuge from the bombardment of Ultimate Bundle marketing, and I wanted to reward you for listening and, hopefully, buying the bundle through my links. We’ll get to how I plan to reward you below.

What You Can Expect On This List

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be sending you emails more often than I normally do on my Letters To Natural Mamas email list. 

I’ll be emailing you telling you about the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle, what resources are included, how to get the most out of this information, what discounts or bonuses you’ll get when you buy it, and when the bundle is available for purchase. The information I’ll be sharing with you is exclusive to you and this list. You will not see me sharing this info on the Growing Up Herbal blog or social media sites.

Why I’m Promoting This Bundle

I’m here to be upfront and honest with you. You deserve that, and I want you to trust me.

The #1 reason I’m promoting the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle is because I’m an herbalist, and herbs are the people’s medicine. You don’t have to have a degree or some advanced education to use herbs. They grow all over the world, and anyone can access and use them. Sure it takes a little bit of learning about which herbs to use, how to use them, and how to get the best results, but that’s what Growing Up Herbal is here to help you do and also what this bundle is here to help you with.

Herbalists, aromatherapists, and natural living enthusiasts are here to help you by sharing what they know, giving you recipes to follow, and showing you how they live this lifestyle. It’s all here… in the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle… packaged into one nice, neat little downloadable bundle!

And yes, I do make a small amount of money when you purchase this bundle using my links. This commission is one way the team at Ultimate Bundles rewards bloggers for promoting bundles to their readers. No, this commission doesn’t allow me to purchase that Mercedes-Benz I’d like to have, but it does help me to pay Growing Up Herbal’s bills and keep free info coming your way. Thanks so much for helping me do what I love. It would NOT be possible without YOU!

How To Get Your Growing Up Herbal Exclusive Bonus

This year, I decided NOT to participate in this bundle… as in, if you purchase this bundle, you will not receive anything from me or Growing Up Herbal. None of my e-books or mini courses are included.

The reason is because I wanted to reward my readers by creating an exclusive piece of content, just for them, that they will get if they purchase the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle through my links. This content can not be found anywhere else. It’s not on the blog. It’s not in my Letters To Natural Mamas emails. It’s not in my books. It’s only here. For you.


So there you have it! You know why I created this list, what to expect from it, why I’m promoting this bundle, and how to get your exclusive bonus from me. Stay tuned for future emails about the bundle and what the bonus actually is!