Essential oils are something that you’re probably hearing a lot about these days, and for good reason. They’re great!

Below you’ll find essential oil resources that I’ve personally used over the years. Hopefully these will help get you started when it comes to using essential oils!

Where to Learn About Essential Oils

Aromahead Institute

The Aromahead Institute is a school that offers essential oil courses you can take to learn more about using essential oils. These courses are for those looking to become certified clinical aromatherapists as well as those who just wanna learn how to use them properly for themselves and their families. Start off with the free beginners course or just browse the info on the blog. You’re sure to learn a lot on this site. I know I have!

Learning About EOs

Learning About EOs is a website from aromatherapist Lea Harris that teaches about essential oils in an easy to understand, organized fashion. She not only teaches about using essential oils safely, but she tests various brands of essential oils for purity and quality and shares the results so you can know which essential oil companies are meeting the mark.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

The following essential oils are my favorite brands, and yes… I use them all and love them!

Eden’s Garden

Edens Garden offers oils that are pure, high quality oils at conveniently low prices. They offer single oils as well as synergy blends in various sizes, carrier oils to blend your essential oils with, and they also have many oil kits for various needs as well.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy offers essential oils that are high-quality and priced for the average budget. They offer single oils and synergy blends as well as a complete line of KidSafe synergy blends formulated by world-renowned aromatherapist, Robert Tisserand

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs offers a wide selection of essential oils that are pure, high quality oils. These oils are mid-range priced oils and come in a variety of sizes. They also offer a wide selection of carrier oils in different sizes so you will be all set to use your essential oils when you need them.

Tools Of The Trade

When it comes to using essential oils, you don’t need many “tools” unless you’re making your own blends. Below you’ll find some links to some of my favorite tools to use when I blend essential oils together.