Why Your Home Should Have An Odor Print | Growing Up Herbal | Did you know that scents are linked to certain memories? Here's why you should create an odor print in your home.

When I first read about creating odor prints for babies, I knew it was something I wanted to try to do for my little ones.

Smells are all around us, and they can trigger memories.

I can remember the smell of mothballs in my grandmother’s closet when I was little. It still makes my nose curl. I can remember the lady with the strong floral perfume that would hug me every Sunday morning at church. I remember the smell of my mom cooking a big, country breakfast for our family every Christmas morning. I remember the college classmate that smelled like cigarettes every day she came into class… and I also remember the one that always smelled so nicely of Patchouli and Tangerine essential oils. Smells trigger memories, positive and negative.

When my first little guy came along, I was prepared. I had learned about odor prints, and I knew what I wanted ours to be. I wanted him to always feel safe and relaxed at home, so naturally, I chose lavender because it’s safe for babies, it’s calming, and it helps them sleep.

I would bath him in lavender scented soap and then give him a massage with lavender scented oil. I’d wash his clothes with a detergent that had lavender essential oils added. Since natural laundry detergents don’t leave much of a smell, I’d spritz his bedding with some lavender essence water before putting him to bed. Because of using it consistently in his night-time routine, he now associates the smell of lavender with rest and relaxation.

I’ve done this with each of my kiddos. To this day I can wash their blankies and spray on some lavender scented spray I’ve made, and they’ll just cuddle right up with it and settle down. I love it!

So let me ask you… do you have an odor print in your home?

If so great, but if not, don’t wait any longer. Pick a scent that you love and start today.

You don’t have to use that scent always, but you should use it consistently. Plus your scent can change depending upon what it is you’re doing. When I clean my house I think of lemon because I use lemon essential oils in my cleaning products. To me it smells good and clean. My kids can smell lemon and they think of cleaning the house, but when they go to bed at night and smell the lavender on their sheets, they instantly relax and settle down because they know it’s time for bed. Different scents bring on different associated meanings.

Do you have an odor print for your home? If so, tell me about it in the comments below! I want to hear from you!