The Most Important Thing To Do When Your Child Has A Fever | Growing Up Herbal | When your kid has a fever it's hard to know what the best thing to do for them is, but there is one thing that should be your priority!

How would you like to learn the most important thing you should be doing for your child when they have a fever? As in, your #1 responsibility.

Well it’s simple, but not always easy… depending upon how sick they are.

Ready? Your answer is below…


When kids are sick with a fever they aren’t going to feel like eating or drinking much. As mom, you have to stay after them quite a bit… which can be a big challenge depending on how sick they are and their age, but it’s worth it.

Dehydration is a common side effect of fevers, but it’s totally preventable. It just takes a little bit of work on you and your kids part.

Now if you’re wondering why hydration is so important when your child is sick, let me tell you a little story.

A little over a year ago, my youngest son Uriah came down with a fever. He was 11 months old. You can read the majority of the story here, but what I didn’t really talk about much was the dehydration issue he had with this illness. He had a fever from a bacterial source and he was dehydrated. I honestly believe that the source of the fever could have been dealt with naturally as I’ve read and heard many successful case studies on it, but our biggest problem became the dehydration.

The sicker he got, the less he wanted to drink. When I got him to the ER, his diaper stank of concentrated pee and when they needed a pee sample… it took him HOURS, even with IV fluids, to pee.

What I didn’t realize was how dehydrated he was and how quickly it could happen. Sure he had a fever, but I’d been giving him sips of drinks and even squirting some in his mouth when he refused to drink it on his own. In fact… I hadn’t even brought him to the ER because of dehydration or the fever… it was because his leg looked terrible and he was so small.

All in all, I learned that with a sick kid, especially with a fever, you need to keep them drinking from the get go, and it needs to be more than just sips here and there. It’s the most important thing you can do. It doesn’t matter that they’re gonna puke more… it doesn’t matter that they may have more diarrhea. Keep them drinking. You don’t want dehydration to cause a normal virus to turn into a 3 day hospital stay!

7 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Hydrated

Since fevers cause the body temperature to rise which increases water loss through perspiration and increased respiration and because kids don’t conserve water like an adult does, getting your child to drink is important. Below, I’ve gathered up some ways to encourage your kid to drink when they don’t feel good and have a fever.

  1. Room temp spa water (My Spa Water)
  2. Sweetened Herbal tea
  3. Natural Sports Drink (Wellness Mama)
  4. Homemade Electrolyte Drinks (Growing Up Herbal)
  5. Diluted organic 100% no sugar added fruit juice
  6. Natural herbal tea or juice popsicles (DIY Natural)
  7. Natural jello (Mama Natural)

Enjoy, and I hope this helps you like it’s helped me since our awful experience with dehydration.

What do you do to keep your kids hydrated when they have a fever?