How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child

The 4th of July is tomorrow here in America, and if you’re celebrating, you’re probably planning on shooting off some fireworks.

Fireworks are great and all, but sometimes, unfortunately, they can lead to burns. Bummer, I know!

Speaking of burns, fireworks aren’t the only things that are causing burns during the summer. You’ve got cookouts which means fire pits and hot grills, you’ve always got hot pans on the stove full of hot foods and liquids, then there’s hot water and sunburns to deal with too. Life has many ways for you and your little one’s to get a burn here and there.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a simple homemade burn cream that will  help sooth your burn, relieve some of the pain,and heal it up as quickly as possible. The great thing is that you can use this cream anytime you get any kind of burn!

Homemade Burn Cream

Like I said, this burn cream is simple and easy to make… and it’s not too expensive. Plus, you only need 6 little ingredients. If you don’t have time to order what you need online, you can always make a quick trip to your local health food store to pick up the ingredients below.

How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child

What you’ll need:

If for some reason you have trouble finding what you need – like comfrey, beeswax, and aloe – try this. Go to the tea section, and see if you can find comfrey tea. Some places carry it. Just open your tea bags and use the comfrey that way. If you’re having trouble finding beeswax, go to the home decor section and find a 100% pure beeswax candle that’s not been bleached, dyed, or scented. If you can’t find aloe juice in the grocery section, check the pharmacy section. A lot of times it will be there.

Step 1 – Herbal Infused Oil

How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child

First things first anytime you’re making any sort of herbal cream. You need to infuse your oils with your herbs. There are several ways to infuse herbs into oil. Just checkout the Using Herbs page if you’d rather try a different approach, but today I’m gonna tell you how to do it quickly.

Simply put 1/4 cup of dried comfrey into a sauce pan and then add 2/3 cup of olive oil to it. Heat your oil/herb mix for 2-3 hours over low heat. It’s finished when it turns green and starts to smell like herbs instead of olive oil. Be sure not to get impatient and try to heat it any quicker or hotter than that. You want to infuse the herb properties into the oil and that takes some heat and a bit of time. You don’t want to cook your herbs.

How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child

When your finished infusing your oil, take an old t-shirt and pour the herbs into it. The oil will pour through and the herbs will be caught in a bowl. Squeeze the extra oils out of the herbs and then compost them. Pour your reserved liquid back into your cleaned saucepan and set it back on your stove.

Comfrey is used because it’s known to stimulate cell growth and knit tissues back together. Something that’s very beneficial when it comes to burns.

Step 2 – Making A Salve

How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child

Now that you’ve got your comfrey oil in your pan, you’ll need to add some beeswax to it in order to make a salve.

Take .65 oz of beeswax and put it in your pan with your oil to melt over low heat.

.65 ounces? What? Yeah, that’s an exact measurement if you’re the sort that likes to follow recipes. If you’re like me and you eye or guesstimate most things, here’s how to do it.

Take a small amount of beeswax (about 1 TBSP) and melt it in with your oil. Once it’s melted, take a spoon and dip it in your oil. Set it somewhere to cool for 5 minutes or so before checking it again. Did it harden up nicely or is it mush? If it’s mush you’ll need to add some more beeswax. If it’s hard, it’s good to go. You’re looking for something that’s the consistency of chapstick. Make sense?

If you want to add in any vitamin e oil (helps reduce scarring and acts as an antioxidant to keep your product a touch more shelf stable), now is the time. I usually add in about a teaspoon in this recipe. Mix well with your melted oil/wax combo.

Step 3 – Making A Cream

Okay. Now that you’ve got your comfrey oil mixed with your melted beeswax and you’ve tested it to see if it’s like chapstick when it cools, you’re ready to get started making your cream.


How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child |

Pour your mix into a blender of some sort. You can use a regular ole’ kitchen blender, a Vita-Mix, a magic bullet (my fave) or you can leave it in your pan and use a stick blender (my fave). Yes, I have two favorites!

Let it set there to cool. As it cools the salve on the sides of your blender or pan will start to thicken up. Just scrap the sides with a spatula and mix it all up. This cooling part will take about 15-20 minutes depending upon how cool it is in your house. Once your salve has cooled to the point where it looks thick and creamy, you’re ready to make your cream.

How To Make A Homemade Burn Cream For Your Child

Take anywhere from 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup of room temperature aloe juice and slowly drizzle it into your thickening salve as you blend it. Let me say it again… turn your blender on and slowly pour your aloe juice into the blending salve.

This forces the liquid and oil together creating your cream. You need to do it slowly because the liquid mixing with the oil will cause it to thicken and sometimes that can create an air pocket in your blender causing it to stop blending. It’s no big deal. Just stop your blender and mix your cream with a spatula, then start again. You may have to do that a few times, but eventually as you add more liquid, you’ll get a nice creamy consistency that will continue to blend. Your cream will turn a light greenish, yellow color.

Be sure to blend it well. You want to make sure the aloe juice stays suspended in the oil. If you don’t blend it well enough, the juice will want to start to separate from your cream leaving you with a good cream that has some liquid in it. It’s not really a big deal. It doesn’t mean your cream is messed up. You just didn’t blend it long enough.

Once your liquid is totally blended into your oil, your cream should be a pale green color. Now you’re ready to add in some zinc oxide. Zinc has long been used as not only a skin protectant, but a skin healer as well. It’s included in many diaper rash creams as well as medical grade burn creams so it definitely doesn’t hurt to use it. Zinc is only to be used on first and second degree burns. Third degree burns need to be seen by a doctor immediately. I used 1 TBSP of non-nano zinc oxide powder. Blend your cream up again, and this time it will come out looking creamy and white instead of yellowish-green!

Step 4 – Scent Your Cream

I love scenting creams, but you definitely don’t have to. When making a burn cream, I like to use lavender essential oil to scent my cream. Either that or peppermint.

The reason behind using lavender with burns can be found here – Lavender: Your Secret Weapon For Burns via This post does a great job of explaining which chemicals found in lavender help with burns as well as giving a personal testimony on how it helped.

When it comes to scenting your cream with lavender, a little goes a long way as lavender is a top note oil and you smell it very well. It’s kinda strong and distinct in my mind. Anyway, just put in 10-20 drops… starting small and working your way up. Blend your cream again to mix the essential oils in. Smell it and add more if you need it.

Step 5 – Packaging

Once you’re finished blending your cream and you’ve got everything just the way you want it, put your cream in a glass jar or a tin and label it with the name and date. That’s it! You’re finished.

Just store your cream in a cool, dark spot… your medicine cabinet is great… and whip it out when you need it!

Your best bet at using this cream for a burn is to cool the burned area with cool water first, pat it dry, then apply the cream directly to the burn.

Enjoy, and have a Happy (and safe) 4th of July!

 Have you had any experience treating burns on yourself or your kids? If so, how’d it go?