The Best Essential Oil for Teeth | | This is one of the best EOs for mouths. From pain relief to decreasing bacteria, find out more here!

Yes… clove essential oil is known to be one of the best oils for teeth, and today I’m gonna tell you why, what it does, and how to use it.

Clove oil is from the clove plant (Syzgium Aromaticum), and its primary component is known as eugenol. It’s been traditionally used as a pain reliever for mouth pain and works very similarly to benzocaine which is the active ingredient in products like Orajel. In fact… the NY Times reported that clove oil did just as well as benzocaine in a 2006 study comparing the two on their pain relieving properties.

A lot of parents don’t like using products with benzocaine because it’s been known to cause allergic reactions and have some side effects associated with it in some cases. So let’s face it. If you’re like me, when it comes to your kids and when there’s an alternative, you prefer to use anything that’s natural over something that’s synthetic any day.

Here’s Where Clove Essential Oil Comes Into Play

You can use clove oil for any pain in your mouth. It also has antibacterial properties so it’s great in mouth rinse or to use with anything that could get infected or is already infected due to bacteria.

It’s commonly used for toothaches among adults, but when it comes to kids, most people use it for teething babies to help numb the gum. You can read my hesitations on using clove oil for teething babies here, but when it comes to using this oil for older kids, the best way would be to add a drop or two to homemade toothpaste or kid friendly mouthwash. Most kids don’t have too many dental issues like adults may have, but it’s a great oil to keep on hand for keeping mouths healthy for the whole family.

One word of caution. This oil is strong. Keep it out of reach from your children because it’s known to cause respiratory and liver problems if ingested in large amounts. Also, keep in mind that clove oil is not recommended for use in children under 2 unless diluted at a .25% dilution, and in my opinion, it doesn’t work as well at that dilution rate for an actual teething oil.

The Best Essential Oil for Teeth | | This is one of the best EOs for mouths. From pain relief to decreasing bacteria, find out more here!

Where To Purchase Clove Essential Oil?

Here are the brands I recommend when using it for the mouth – Mountain Rose Herbs Clove Oil, Eden’s Garden Clove Oil, or Plant Therapy Clove Oil.

If you’re looking for a natural teething aid for a younger child, check out this post – An Herbal Teething Remedy That Actually Works – or this one – Can Baltic Amber Help Your Baby With Teething Pain.You can also check out your local health food store for natural products for teething babies. Here’s a great one by Herbs for Kids called Gum-omile. You can get it on Amazon if you’re like me and like to shop online! I love Amazon!

Have you used clove oil for any dental issues or mouth pain before? If so, how’d it go? Share your experience with me in the comments below!