Why I'm Switching My Homemade Cleaners Out For Branch Basics Natural Cleaners | Growing Up Herbal | So you thought homemade natural cleaning recipes were simple? It's true. They are. It's keeping up with the many different cleaners that is overwhelming. Here's how I'm simplifying my natural cleaners.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of making DIY homemade cleaners.

Seriously… it’s never-ending!

Okay, don’t get me wrong… I love homemade cleaners. I like DIY projects, I like saving money, and I like being in control of what’s in my cleaning products. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming at times… like right now for instance.

If you, like me, often feel overwhelmed with making your own natural homemade cleaners, this post is for you. I’m sharing why I’m trading in my homemade cleaners for Branch Basics natural cleaners instead!

The Sick, Sick Situation

Cold and flu season is here, and right now it just so happens that all of my kids have croup (a viral illness), there’s a stomach bug going around in my extended family which, let’s face it, is bound to make its way into my home any day now, and the news is saying Tennessee has been hit the hardest with the flu virus so far this year. That means, being the crazy natural mama I am, I’m cleaning the house way more than normal (because I most certainly don’t love cleaning), I’m force-feeding my kids elderberry syrup (is there such a thing), and we’re home-bound for a bit which makes me nuts (I’m an out and about kinda girl)!

On top of making herbal remedies for immune boosting, coughs, and fevers, I now have to somehow make super-strong disinfectant natural cleaners to keep the germs away so all four of my kids (including dad and I) don’t wind up spending hours puking in the bathroom or in bed with the flu.

On a side note… if you’ve been making your own cleaners for a while now, you know there’s no such thing as “super strong disinfectant” natural cleaners. That takes chemicals my friends. However, there are certain steps you can take to make natural cleaners work for you from the order in which you use these cleaners to the essential oils you put in them. More on that below.

So when my kids first started to get sick and I learned about all the nastiness going on elsewhere in the Visser family, I sat down to make a list of herbal preparations and natural homemade cleaners that I needed to stock up on.

The Breakdown

Unfortunately, I felt completely overwhelmed with everything I needed to do. You know the kind of feeling you get when everything fogs over, blackness starts to weigh down on you, you can’t breath, and you start to think crazy things like, “Oh my goodness… why don’t I just go to the store and buy toxins and drugs because it would be so much easier!!”

Yeah, it was a moment of weakness. Sorry. I’m human too.

Then I took a preverbal chill pill and decided to quit being lazy, get my act together, and start thinking clearly.

The Plan

First off, we need herbal preparations. There’s nothing better at boosting the immune system and dealing with nasty viruses than a day worth of echinacea root tincture along with elderberry syrup for the duration of the illness. Plus, all four of my kids had whooping cough over the summer so croupy coughs are nothing… NOTHING to this mama. Herbal cough syrup. Check.

As for keeping the vomit and flu virus away, I knew I simply needed to break out the essential oils and clean more. I hate cleaning… did I mention that?

Finally, I opened my cleaning cabinet to find it spilling over with natural homemade cleaners.

Holy cow! Where does it all come from?!

I don’t like having 100 different things to use when I clean so I normally keep things to a minimum, but it seems like there’s always something coming up that I need another cleaner for. The oven, a stainless steel sink scrub, stain remover, refrigerator deodorizer, soap scum remover… uh! The list could seriously go on. Thankfully I have my handy-dandy homemade cleaner list handy so I can make what I need when I need it, but dang… my cabinet is a mess which really helped my overwhelmed self feel much better.

The Solution

Then it hit me. It was time to clear all of the junk out from under my sink, reorganize, and start fresh.

Is organizing and planning a good form of therapy for you, or is it just me?

So the first thing I did was to toss out almost everything I’d made that was in my cabinet which freed up a lot of room and glass bottles.

Did it hurt? Kinda, but it was nice too. Plus, it helped that overwhelmed feeling go away a bit.

Next, I made three cleaners that I’ll be using to clean my whole house in under 5 minutes. Yes… my WHOLE house, thanks to Branch Basics natural cleaners.

Why I'm Switching My Homemade Cleaners Out For Branch Basics Natural Cleaners | Growing Up Herbal | So you thought homemade natural cleaning recipes were simple? It's true. They are. It's keeping up with the many different cleaners that is overwhelming. Here's how I'm simplifying my natural cleaners.

I recently tried Branch Basics soap concentrate because I’d seen a lot of other bloggers talk about how great it is (and because I’ve been dying to work with them for so long). Well, guess what? I LOVE it… surprise, surprise!!

How did I go this long without Branch Basics natural cleaners? It’s crazy! It does seem a bit pricey when you look at the concentrate on its own, but when you think about how long that one bottle will last you, the price drops significantly. Plus, you don’t have to buy all those extra natural cleaning supplies which really appeals to me. I don’t know about you, but when I have to drag tons of stuff out to make homemade cleaners, it’s a serious chore that most times gets put off as long as possible. I’d much rather grab my Branch Basics natural cleaners and that’s it.

So basically I made their all-purpose cleaner for surfaces around the house, their streak-free cleaner for mirrors and windows, and their bathroom cleaner for all bathroom surfaces. I put in the essential oils I wanted (I almost always use this cleaning blend for every day cleaning) and that’s it. Three bottles under the cabinet instead of 15 which will work for almost all my natural cleaning needs.

Branch Basics natural cleaners are definitely a keeper! Click here to learn more about their company, their great products, and what other people are saying about them. 

Simplifying Cleaning Year Round with Branch Basics Natural Cleaners

Will I ever go back to a cabinet full of cleaners? Hopefully not. I’m not saying that I’ll never need to make a DIY homemade cleaning recipe every again (maybe during spring cleaning), but I certainly don’t want to have so many cleaners that I can’t find what I need in my cabinet or that cleaning becomes overwhelming because of all the products I have to use.

No matter, I’m happy with Branch Basics natural cleaners, and I’m grateful that a little vinegar, peroxide, and essential oils are all that’s needed to get a bit more disinfecting action in.

Here’s hoping my family stays away from this stomach bug and the flu virus this year!

** Post Update: I’ve now been using Branch Basics natural cleaners for four years now, and I’m happy to report that they are still my favorite natural cleaner. Branch Basics natural cleaners work great, I can add essential oils to the bottles for extra antimicrobial action, and my cleaning is not as overwhelming as it once was. Hallelujiah!! 

Do you get sick and tired of making different homemade cleaners for every little thing? If so, what have you done to simplify things? Share with me in the comments below!

bbasics_logo_80hThis post was underwritten by Branch Basics. All opinions are mine. Branch Basics Cleaning Soap concentrate is human safe and 100% plant-based, with a multi-purpose formula designed to replace virtually every cleaning product in your home. When diluted with water, our plant enzymes make Branch Basics soap a multitasking powerhouse, tough enough to dissolve car engine grease, yet safe and gentle enough to wash a baby. And the best part? It works! Use Branch Basics soap to tackle dirt, dust, grease, grime, and even the toxic residues left behind by other cleaners. We use ingredients you can trust, down to the last drop.